Climate Change and Asian Monsoon in the Hindu-Kush Himalaya (HKH)   Leave a comment

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By Environmentalists: Dipesh Raj Pant and Arjun Kumar Limbu

“Once the climate changes,
it is not only very difficult;
but, almost impossible to retain it”.

Can you imagine “HKH” without the “Monsoon Season?” “D-A”

The two simple words “Climate Change” is one of several biophysical factors encompassed by the term Global Environmental Change (GEC), and have always been intriguing herald scientists, due to its fragile nature. Human societies in both developed and developing countries can learn to adapt to some of these changes, although, clearly, poor societies cannot adapt so easily or quickly and hence are potentially more vulnerable. The southern Asian monsoon is one of the most important and influential phenomena of Earth’s climate system. Most of the population of Southeast Asia is completely dependent on variability in the onset and duration of the monsoon has profound impacts on water resources, human life, agriculture, economics and ecosystems. Ironically, Extreme events, like floods, droughts and cyclones, cause loss of livelihood and millions of dollars of damage every year. As a consequence of this dependence societies in Southeast Asia have evolved many strategies to cope with and take advantage of existing climate variability. Can you imagine impacts of monsoon failure in South Asia, especially for Nepal which is landlocked country? There’s an only disaster.

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