Climate Change, Green Job Opportunities In Tourism Industry Of Nepal   1 comment

The National Conference on Climate Change and Green Jobs
Presented on: April 28, 2011 at International Labor Organization (ILO) in Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)


The Green Jobs and Green Economy concepts have yet to enter in Nepal for a sustainable development, despite its tremendous scope and necessity when a climate change has impacted mountainous country Nepal. The Nepal government needs a national strategic green job fund to implement both at hardware and software level. This green study in Nepal, has focused on world widely issues both software and hardware part of Green Jobs. The software part includes the activity education to office staffs, while hardware includes carbon offsetting, use of green technology, waste management, and Energy management in the travels and trekking tours industries of Nepal. Most of the tourism industry entrepreneurs have been working on Green Jobs independently.


Nepal is a politically joined small country, situated in active tectonic with young mountain history with such a physiography entwined with climate variability that has given rich biodiversity and people where the Asian monsoon has been blessing for centuries to both high and low-landers for various developments, however, agronomy is still a basic tool for survival.

In these years, Nepal has been a potential areas for the forest on carbon trade for the low carbon economy, successful community forest scenario, water resources for water & energy, agriculture output, wind and solar energies under the green job. The tourism industry is also considered by the government of Nepal as a backbone of economy. However, Nepal is still moving with a crisis and yet to take the concrete & challenging steps, opening new opportunities direction with a green job.

Green Productivity is today’s challenge to put it into action because the climate and economy are the essential resources for tourism, poverty alleviation. There is now a wide recognition of the urgent need of the Green Job and Green Economy in the tourism ‎industry of national ‎governments and international organizations to develop ‎and implement strategies to ‎mitigate or neutralize tourism’s ‎environmental impacts contributing to climate change.

Governments around the world are looking anew at how best to embrace the concept for the benefit of their citizens and the environment. Two years before the Rio+20 summit of 2012, which will focus on the “green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication”, it is opportune to examine the opportunities that green growth and development offers, coupled with the challenges that also arise. As well, countries with experience in policy reform and implementation designed to foster and sustain a green economy have a significant role to play in helping to map out future policies for all (World Bank, 2010).

The Green Economy initiative is seeking to improve human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities (UNEP, 2010).

In small island states and developing countries, where tourism is a major ‎economic activity, any ‎significant reduction in tourist arrivals will have ‎serious employment impacts and generate ‎further poverty.


This paper aims to look forward further for potential opportunities of green job in Nepal, focusing on climate change and green job opportunities in Nepal’ and associated tourism industry about in the energy, forest and tourism. It also seeks green job for sustainable economy and development in Nepal and to be more equitable and inclusive of all people preserving environment.


The research has focused on the Travel and trekking industries of Nepal. The primary data was obtained from the field survey, and a questionnaire method. The survey topic were both software and hardware aspects. The software includes employment gender based, official training provisions, insurance to staff, environmental education trainings, awareness of Green Job and green economy, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And, the hardware includes waste & energy management, carbon offsetting and conservation.



With growing energy demand for electricity in Nepal with dynamic society in the mountainous country of Nepal, the current choices of slowing development of hydel projects in Nepal, has adversely affected invariably. For the sustainable development, there’s a dilemma in choice of energy sources between nuclear power plant, hydel, wind or solar renewable energy resources. Environmental degradation by changing climate in the mountain may delimit the water resources with melting glaciers, will have direct low energy generation. With a changing climate, the fate of the Asian monsoon may not be that different from loss of the African monsoon. Therefore, nuclear energy may become a sustainable energy supply choice for Nepal, however, young mountain and tectonically active Nepal may face any radiation hazards from natural disaster and its destruction. Other safe and sound energy supply could be a solar and wind farming opportunities which can be implanted in huge numbers, where a mapping is essential. This approach needs inclusive of people and equitable distribution.


Nepal was once the richest country of forest by area, and recovering after its deforestation & degradation; however still the afforestation through community forest is gaining popular in the world. Decent work and Green Job activity is the most essence in this sustainable forestry management of Nepal. With a carbon trade with the industrial nations, Nepal should bring more afforestation and restoration programs, adjoining the agroforestry. In Nepal, the agroforestry program should be highly encouraged because still the economy is agro-based widely. Forestry is one application, multiple benefits.


Tourism is highly considered as the potential economic backbone by the government of Nepal as it comprises one of the world class tourism product. The tourism industries have been working on green job independently working closely with the current trending global issues like Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR), afforestation program, employing locals providing capacity building skills. The carbon foot print


The government of Nepal has to seek a national strategic green job generation where the funding is the first thing to be considered. The fossil fuel use, tourism industry, Traveller Information Management System (TIMS), Protected Areas of Nepal are the potential sources of “Green Fund” generation for the Green Job. The Green job can be created with renewable energy sources ( Solar PV, Wind farm) and implement extensively in the tourism destination of Nepal like in the Tea houses along the trekking trails of Annapurna Conservation Area Program (ACAP), Langtang National Parks, Sagarmatha National Parks with a partial funding support to include all people on their business (equitable distribution of green job) to adopt greener practices in order to avert dangerous climate change.




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