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Do you think your life is conditional? Your every decision, desires have a conditional element that has been driving the wheel of every life. Life is not conditional, social aspects typify the life that affected copious individual in quandary let to perceive this world as conditional. It is the deciding factor that ensue your future personification. What do u think that makes your life “conditional”? The answer is our sense organs that stimulates and tends you to react.

So, is it good to have ineluctable sense organs that lives possess? Certainly, because first, it is bequeathed to individual life congenitally, an evolution took to develop into life not revolution with its lucid purposes. Secondly, On the other hand, one can relish euphoria of life. However, on the contrary, the capricious sense organs also act as a torque, that vacillate our life towards polemical hedonism. It not only pulverizes individual, but also the decorum of socially ingrained suave stance. Therefore, these sense organs ensues the cynicism of life.

There are two distinct esoteric hegemonies about the senses. One becomes enlightened one with same senses. On the other hand, individual becomes heretical leading to hedonism. Therefore, the social dogmatic doctrines are also essential to castigate socially aberrant elements whose activities are proclivity to adulterate social equanimity. It seems facetious about sense organs that create a condition and an individual reacts with sundry exempt. Even though mind and sense organs have different echelon, they work like consort. The sense organs bring eclectic information to brain that often debacles life due to individual’s escapades. The brain cannot remain stoical to the advent of information and often derides with advent of gratifying to the body and mind. The conditional information bivouac in the mind until it is interceded. Therefore, our love, happiness, success are all the variables that conditions one’s life. In life, there’s nothing to be happy, poignant because it is a conditional. Our anger goaded by cogent conditional factor.

Suppose, if this conditional factor is expurgated from your life, the only way is to remain equanimity because external forces are untenable. So, only way to stymie is to quiescent own mind whatever the external condition that tends to aggravate your halcyon disposition. However, it doesn’t meant to be reticent and obtuse fervently about affect of external forces because life has to move on. To move life, an action and reaction to ensconce external forces is beholden by each individual but with phlegmatic temperament.

External forces are actually an ancillary entity during interaction that affects us. Such entities are propitious as well but contingent on circumstances. A baby cries with a reason; if a baby should be fed. If there weren’t a baby, such condition would not have occurred. Therefore, our animosity towards others as well is conditional entities that do not last for long.

The mind spectrally sequesters the action to the conditional entity.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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  1. An amazing article, thanks for the writing.


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