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I believe, “Human Life” is hap, adumbrated by mundane system that obfuscates to realize this perfect life. Animals’ life is a complete dark-sided, nebulousness from thinking aptitude. However, when one apprehends the reality, one obvious truth about realization is ‘Lateral thinking’ engrossed in mind that will coax to approach the middle-path, the true path, comprehending the lucidity of everything or at least close to omniscient being magnanimity.

It is true that ‘Cynicism’ exists, it is catholic truth. The platonic love, which in fact, is also a possessiveness of something in mind; it is being ostentatious aficionado. Sometimes, it makes me to be skeptic about fervent love that deluges complete reality. Biologically, the development of sense organs in a life form has a directive destiny meaning to be erudite about the real world rather than entangle in fussy of life by becoming a hedonist or ascetic person.

To divulge the enigmatic aspect of cynicism, a search for an absolute truth, demurs the God, perhaps. Only the death is the path that reveals the ‘loss of cynicism’, may be. Life itself, subterfuges to us with facetious, jocular and decorum patterns of love, sex, marriage, company, children etc. Still I needed some strong reasons to aver the disputable fact.

The burgeoning population aggrandizes the competition which by default protrudes the mind to abstain from the esoteric elements. On the other hand, it may ensue solitary due to social melancholy strain from oppressive rivalry to achieve temptations. Life itself is full of mind oscillations as we are composed of atoms which by nature are rickety. Time pervades everyone about the true nature of mettlesome mind in life periphery through intangible pervasiveness of experience.

It is not neither a hyperbole nor trying to be iconoclast of heretical hegemony. To conciliate this soul through trying to touch the perimeter of omniscient, I may fumble sometime and appease myself with facetious remarks to bolster till the cogent truth of this convoluted mystery is unraveled.



Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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