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How to dislodge “Devils’ live in Empty Minds”? The forebrain in human wants to cover the fissure between busy and empty by cogitating. My mind is tangled with omnifarious interests that manifest the devil must have conferred with illusionary reality.

To face reality is to fight against me myself and I relinquished long ago. I uphold that it is not what I wanted. Contemplating ways to outrival this devil and nothing is here to expound, except my fingers. Loneliness exempts me from reality and pushing in intractable illusionary world where I live, and only domicile where my dreams fulfills. Such dominion is a heaven, in fact, the perfect archetype of it. Nothing’s been curtailed for me because I have made this dream according to my necessitates which brings happiness in me, for me, overruling others’ interests. I feel as if I ensconce here forever. Sometimes, I presume it is a quagmire, but how can it be so heavenly? My complaisant is fading away in my dominion. May be thousands of pathetic outcries are there and I am not becoming solicitous rather a despotic creator.

Oh ! my god! What a delusion? I have to wake up. May be my real world is also created by someone semblance or facsimile to the way I created my own world. My outcry is also there in someone’s world. In fact, I am crying in my own stipulated world. My miserable life is an upshot of my own consequences and pulverizes me between the real world and my created world, and imperiled to absolutely nothing.

Now I feel like I’ve abode myself in quarantine because of my convoluted intricacies that need to be apartheid. Instigating the search of incandescent truth, the vacillating mind augments my thinking level to capacitate all. What to hug and refute? Finally, life is to experience and die without a tiny rebuke in mind so that nothing subsume at end while dying. Why to meddle my another contiguous life (if exists) with this present?

Now, how can I garner the plaudits of the World, the real world rather than the illusionary pernicious one? My demented mind went to Nadir of hell inadvertently; tell me how can I exonerate and transcend to this reality? Looking for something efficacious schemes to exculpate myself, nothing exits. Often, feels like I am despondent and emptiness portends destitute.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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