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What does a god looks like? What does it (God) do? Sometimes, I feel like god is like a person watching a cable television, changing different channels as per his wish. God is just simply the Source of Energy that runs this life and we pray for our prosperity, not others (?).Even more, people do futile indenture with God (if there is!) for prosperity. Have your ever done so? All human are entailed with inexorable predicaments to embroil in Life. It is law of nature, universally applicable.

The entire so called “religious” congeries only baffled and ensue only the negativities. Even if there is God in their religion, he/she must have never taught about zealot, invectives, mutinous, ignominious, opprobrium, disparaging, cupidity, skullduggery, traduce, calumnious mordant nature. What is there to be so much incumbent on one’s religion? Why do there’s derogation from other’s religions? To be meritocracy (expedient), why do one is subjugated to flout convert is essential. The oppugn disparities were not the canon words of orator. The charlatan followers riddle all the religious wont lessons. In fact, the canons must be universal one. The true canon is diffracted into fortuitous religious legion that not only mutilated, but obtrusively dilapidate it as well.

My personal perspective is that if there’s good in any religions then, learn and accept it. I am not being agnostic, heretic, iconoclastic to orthodox; however, skimming and exhuming the suave religious scribbles and truculent nature of human being so that one can vehemently absolve from hypocrisy. Understanding true Gnostic will be adventitious to the latent feelings for augmentation because ignorance is the greatest encumber. In addition, the orators have been the photocopy. What is left is to think ourselves? Even, I forfeit to all that these information are just corrigible chasm and hoping it will be fruitful in discriminating the concerted facts of Life.

The catechism of every religion has copious thick books, can be collated to form a library that hardly waste time. I suggest no need to delve into it because I can tell in a few squiggle sentences. I just simply say, “Don’t act, think bad activities; do well whatever it is”. These lives are short and try to gain the “meaning of life”. Imagine the happiness, friends only the benison and bequeath with love in this cantonment of this life. He is god, who has only magnanimous feelings towards others. I know this manifest epigram will be deracinated and founder as it loses its crux when it just scurry with mordant reality. Good milieus are only good in books; maybe therefore, there are libraries.

In coda, there’s nothing esoteric, enigmatic predicament to discuss about God. God is simply Good, and therefore, propitious to all, but, bequeath to our thinking pattern. Do and Follow a good thing means to remain in close to God. Create a just a Good consonant environment is to remain just close to god. Why do people ensnare populace in a name of God? Why god doesn’t comes to absolve during predicaments. Cogitate upon it. Only jiffy happiness & commiserate is available through extraneous factors. Inner peace ensconces life. Never do business with God. Don’t ask me, what god looks like? I haven’t seen it, but I can feel it.

Monday, November 21, 2005
Edited: Saturday April 08, 2006

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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