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My statistician Lecturer Dr. Hriday Bahadur Shrestha used to say ‘Statistics subject exists because of discrete data or variation in data’. I believe, culture and society are invariably similitude with statistics. First of all, so far deciphering the archival of human development history, today’s advancements haven’t been achieved from a person’s individual capacity. It is rather “shared aggregate knowledge” over time, no matter what’s the cultural background of discoverer who reached journey to pinnacle. Therefore, the inter-cultural learning environment actually is often more than just sharing knowledge. Personally, a culture is a way of life, not instinct or simple imitation, an amalgam of beliefs, knowledge, norms, values and tastes which one learns and acquires through life-long socialization.

Inter-cultural experience is, in fact, the best resource in socialization which somehow assists one with new things in life. Even working as an effectual volunteer, one not only learns about humanity, but, naturally equipped with buried personal skills and developments, a crux to become a leadership. It is said that ‘to Jump higher, one has to push its feet more on ground’. While I volunteered as one of the leader among various groups in ‘Psycho-revolution’ where dissemination of information about the healthy with both mind and body with right decision was to be addressed to the general public, at that time, I understood how the society moves on. Being an active leader, to maintain the cooperation and coordination between and among groups, right information propagation to civics and next day discussion of the social response from previous days, were in fact, memorable, hectic, tough times. Everyday, new plans and location had to be sorted out in a short time span, where every individual in a group had new tactics and strategy, issues and conflicts, their personal problems had to be dealt was really a tough time. Even more, the local villagers’ languages, cultural problems were also there. I felt as if everyone is entangled at least with one problem and try to extricate in their mind through sharing and discussion. One day, I thought, it’s very difficult understand people. My brother, Mr. Chandra Kumar Limbu, he said once that to understand people, one should sit at the customer care and information centre, as the front-desk staff.

Participation in various activities, seminars and residential community alongside students from the U.S., Asia and the Pacific region, will definitely gain momentum in interaction, sharing knowledge and information from personal to the beliefs, cultures. It is also an opportunity to gain and display one’s talent, skills along with innovative ideas. With mutual understanding, respecting others’ deferential culture will bind us more intimately, even though, that might be sometimes a ‘cultural shock’ for someone, which bring balance to society. Personally, I have been enjoying the ‘cultural shock’ because it is rather an “unexpected surprise” in life that makes this life beautiful. Every step is learning. What can one do is to influence society with positivistic approaches that lead to balance environment, no matter what one’s background enveloping everyone.

Writing poems, draw arts, swim, play various games and shared with friends from different cultural background, who often invite to their deferential cultural programs in their home town which are often cultural shock to me, and I enjoy that because psychologists say that itineration of same mind-numbing thing enervates brain capacity.

Definitely, through service learning activities, participants develop leadership skills, and broaden my understanding of Hawaii and its multicultural community, and the ways in which transformational change can take place at my personal, professional and grassroots levels.

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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