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Every atom has a momentum, even ineluctable for an abstract time. Momentum is a part of perpetual cycle of existence. Life is a race and run as fast as you can, gaining your momentum. It is the product of mass (Physical body) and velocity (mind). In momentum, if you do not exert and comport yourself impassive, time drags you.

Two most essential crux element of the momentum are the mind and body as consort. The anachronism of any one of the momentum’s component can asunder, sheer and deaden the momentum of life. The word progression would be apt here. My friend asked me once about its meaning and if it’s a Pandora’s box. There are two progressions as A.P (Arithmetic Progression) and G.P (Geometric Progression). If in your life, both aforementioned are not dilated, I assure you, time is dragging and yanking you.

The A.P is the slow and one and one step movement through the time; they have experienced, hardship, almost all people fall here. The G.P is the geometrically or exponentially growth and often concoct with fortune or hap. Those who are not fortunate (G.P) and hardship (A.P) are dragged by time. Reciting over Pandora’s box, the G.P category people may verge sharply or achieve more calumniation of desire. The A.P category people always live average monotonous life. The left time dragged category are the grotty and encumbrance for Earth.

G.P= Pinnacle achievement (Money, Fame, Happiness) in short time
A.P= General working People/ Pinnacle achievement (Money, Fame, Happiness) in Life time
Time drag= No improvement in Life, futile indulgence to pass time.

Social discordant are effusive when an individual’s momentum beseech averts in Life. For example, to reach climactic state by A.P or time dragged category people, it’s almost impossible through social dogma, notion and echelon because it takes a long time. Therefore, they deceit, contrive, wangle to garner in a short period. This path abridges to achieve the climactic state of G.P’s position. The A.P and Time drag category people often need fortune and hap or through social discordant way, to acquire a G.P category’s position.

The next question my friend put on me was, “Is it Good to jump to G.P category’s position as it has social discordant remarks?”. It’s is not only good, one must jump to expedient G.P category because once you are here on Earth, everybody are running for apex point. But, one should be thoughtful about the social norms and credos.

The change and conflation is interminable of the multifarious Progression’s elements over time. This is the ineluctable docile labyrinth nature after being on Earth. You can place yourself in your position. Where m I standing?
Monday, October 30, 2006

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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