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Always relied on science and some rational mysticism, when collated with ambivalent mysticism, that perplexed me to delve into this paranormally mystic creation of this “universe and mysticism” to glean over the mysterious nature of creator. About 14 billion years ago, our universe was big banged. On the other hand, the enlightened person shows us the path of liberation. Think! About it. The question springs up, what was before human being who can liberate oneself?

Existence of especially the omniscient and omnipotent life form, the human beings are still unraveling the mysterious nature of everything on its way. Why do we have leverage to liberate ourselves? Why not other animals, is there existence of providence? Who created us? If somebody created us, then the same question prolongs to the rummaging ultimate tacit enigma creator? Mesmerizing conundrum sternly enraptures my beatific mind incurring inquisitiveness to absolve oneself from this mysterious quandary. What was before 14 billion years ago? Was there dissolution of former universe and recapitulated again? If there were former universe, were there human beings who can enlighten oneself?

Scientifically speaking, the earth has been running with succession mechanism where one species replaces another over a lapse of time. This time factor portends the advent of human species by another species. Our antiquated mysticism, where they say that human is only the sole one who can divest oneself from this mundane world to be enlightened ones. On the other hand, this world is so real. Does really one can emancipate oneself forever from this bivouac of life forms? If they exonerate themselves with their own powers through meditation, incantation; after death where do they abide? Before, human existence, no life forms had such ability, the question rise up, ‘why human beings?’ Do I reincarnate again? If so, then, until when and how often? Why am I not omniscient of all my past? Is it diabolical? Mythology enunciates the subtle nature of reincarnation. Do the enlightened ones exist somewhere in alcoves of this universe? Do the physical science and matters can concatenate with mysticisms so far invincible figment? There are paragon paradigms of phoenix about reincarnation.

The earth is a tryst crossroad of manifold life forms. Reading antiquated myths propound that each life is with a spirit that vacillates may be in search of “Exoneration from oppressive cycle of Life”. One of my confidants, Mr. Farendra said me that he doesn’t want salvation from this perpetual cycle of life. He seems masochist.

I think our universe has a multidimensional spatial position where an individual placement is assigned by two main factors. One is real (physical) or an abstract (bodily) position and second is the mind position. I think, more than our position of physical forms, the mind position is puissant one. Nonetheless, both mind and body have to work intimately. Due to this reason, the enlightened ones must have surpassed than science. Hence, science may plod dally but could surmount mind later.
Monday, October 9, 2006

Posted February 28, 2012 by arjunlimbu in Philosophy

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