Path of Knowledge: The Greatest Delusion of Mankind History   1 comment

Is your Religion is perfect, contemplate upon it? If that’s true, then why others are forbidden to enter in your holy place ingress? In my definition, Religion must be a set of good precepts for integrity and consensus in life. Currently, the virtual integrity is the greatest illusion which is maculating the lives on Earth.

Life has been mesmerized in the murky path of religion in the name of delusional Knowledge. The place and time have taught everybody the pattern, i.e. monotheism. People loath to understand the Polytheism, always lionize their own, following their predecessor which hoodwink to the Greatest Illusions of mankind history.

Our Impression to monotheism doesn’t mean that others are always fallible. Extreme path followers are always misleader. A gibberish mono-religious tutor may be close to perfect and followers who barely fathom just a part of knowledge to live a good life lead us to the dissolute extreme path. A BIG HEAD is with us being the most intelligent life on Earth so far. What is the use of A BIG HEAD, when we don’t discern the simple knowledge of good and bad?

What is the right choice then? Everybody should “THINK”, if there’s any good knowledge in any religion then accept it for benefit to you and all else refuse it. One can discriminate a good and bad; this simple rules will adhere to GOD, not only the mumbo jumbo surreptitious religious faith. Live and fly free as a bird in the open sky (life). Even what I say is that do whatever you do, but your activity should not disturb others. A human life is a one good chance to sharpen own life at least. Construe and amend yourself from the monograph to polygraph. If someone is cynic of indigestible issue, then ponder upon it, confer and try to exhume the genuineness. This will bring changes in you.

One way to introspect your propinquity to God is to understand the forces of positive and negativities in life. If your mind is liberated from craving and odium, it is positive precursor immediacy to God. Other way, if your hear beat is very normal and no muscular and nervous crammed biologically, it happens when life is beautiful. However, reversion of general pattern of life is the path that spiritualist/ religion tutor wanted. If we be happy whatever situation then life becomes beautiful then no craving/aversion which will lead to individual close to god. Since death is certain, people says nothing to lose on Earth, but what I say, we have to carry a lots of things much heavier than our physical body could i.e. not a material objects but a wave of good actions and deeds.

If the supposed god is omnipotent, then why doesn’t he/she bring a peace on Earth? It is because we individuals have to wake out from illusion by our own effort, not by the grace of others. Others are they themselves in illusion. A religious tutor may help. No god from above clouds will come to rescue. It is here and now to revolutionize ourselves and let our children be out of preclusion of mumbo jumbo.

Saturday, April 06, 2006


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  1. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta state thank you for the post on this one :D.


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