Problem in Theosophy or in us?   4 comments

Piety people aver, recite, read, approbate one-self’s theosophies audaciously and nebulous in the name of salvation, purification and pinnacle attainment after or before death. About god, religion, our mind has been already pervaded with pre-defined notions defined by our circles of life, so it is difficult to decline it immediately. Therefore, a barbaric war begins in the name of theosophy.

Pristine teachers came and gave what they could give their best for human to live life happily. Their teachings have been interpreted aberrant and spurious plummeted pristine format of theosophy later by spiritual leaders and ultimately, followers are victims in the process of Scientology. Therefore, refutation and negation exist, which led to the war in the name of so-called “My god or our community god”. In theosophy, it austerely asserts to abstain oneself from condemned actions, though. What I say is that sweet-lies no problem. This is falter life, some mistakes happen in life due to circumstances. Our mind has been indoctrinated by hyperbole of charlatan pious leaders rather than decorum. If there’s really a God, then, obviously he/she has not given esoteric teachings.

Which contemporary leader has assiduously abided under the complete notion of one’s theosophy? No one tried to learn the altruistic characteristic of Jesus Christ, Gottama Buddha and other benefactors; only quixotic propensity has hanged arrogance, influence amassed people. Another thing, even if some priests or clergyman adopts under such attributes of God or enlightened human, then, he/she will just try because God or enlightened human is the one, who are free from the craving and aversions and never castigate and teach discrete asceticism. Consequently, followers with little knowledge, the victims accept an eccentric canonical convention in understanding God. It is even exasperating that leaders or orators never sermonized about simple living; in fact, pervade with soporific profound lecture which does not rectitude the embroiled person.

Another most important about orthodox is that their orators’ hyperbole to be complete submissive to God acquiescent. Followers have been ostracized from impeccable words or lessons of God. It is ludicrous that people chastise each others’ religious ordain with red colors. Religions have become a quagmire pervasive with rancorous recalcitrant. The intangible sinister that stigmatize us to behave rancorous has to be conciliated unanimously. This quagmire is intangible and co-habit in our minds. Only the liberal quiescent and exonerating feelings emanated from pristine compassionate heart and mind will lucid the nebulous orthodox. Being skeptic towards established dogmatic blinker theosophy, I found myself smugly euphoria, not stuffy. Still somewhere pampered, besotted mind loath to snub old teachings. Despite dragging propensity to old things, I perk from banal theosophy. However, it is not reprimanding and renouncing sanctity obstinately, as there are some complacent latent canons.

I conclude delivering a simple message to you to live happily in life rather than undergoing convoluted canons of theosophy or orthodox. In this ephemeral life, have little negatives, keep acquiring supplementary of positive aptitude, less aversion and craving understanding that this life is short. Forget heaven and hell. After death, people say nothing to take away with us; but, I say, take and leave good memories. One more thing, it is better late than never in understanding fact. I am not being heretic rather being a liberal human being, being a human.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

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4 responses to “Problem in Theosophy or in us?

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