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“How brain re-wires..” talked about the power of positive thinking, where buddhist monk showed dramatic changes in the parts of the brain associated with happiness. One thing, we should keep in mind that, does that mean to turn all people to be monk? If all people are engulfed with their own social level of thinking, i am rather looking for something universal than sectarian one. If all people were given free foods and let them for meditation, definitely there’s much probability of becoming happiness from inside. People are not thinking positive because of their poverty, disparity. Sometimes, i think if buddhist monks are left in the real world “ordinary hardworking”, definitely they will understand the meaning of hardlife, where i think the meaning of positive thinking could tilt more. I think “VIPASSANA MEDITATION” is the technique that teaches how to remain happy. Do you know “VIPASSANA MEDITATION”?

arjun kumar limbu
kathmandu, Nepal


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