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‘Man is mortal’, realization of this fact, perplexed me with confusion by material/spiritual world. Perhaps, ever since then, personally, Life has always been to learn, taste diversified newfangled experiences rather than remaining attached or with animosity in humdrum. I believe, almost people are entangled with it.

Ever since my childhood, I have always been actively participated in the extra-curricular activities and now realized “Participation” is the greatest exemplary effort in life one can do because win and lose are a part of life. Even it was really exhilarating to participate in the “City Mass Run” to generate awareness against air pollution organized by Kathmandu Jaycees on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Year 1994. After general school leaving certificate level, I took science as a major subject. Later, when I taught school children for the first time, it was really an amazing experience because I was once a student too.

During my bachelor degree in Environmental science, I entered into the ‘Psycho-Revolution’ program which was launched for three months in about hundred volunteers. By the time program launched, most volunteers were familiar about ‘psycho-revolution’. We spent three months dispensing the deviated people to make them understand to remain healthy physically by doing yoga, scheming food nutrients etc… I learned more of social aspects and personal development by sharing ideas, values. It was surprising for me that all people on Earth are living with grief. And I am never believed that for community services one should be certified, it averts inherent humanity aspirants to certificate collection trend, not being iconoclastic. A few weeks back, I provided my mobile for one poor provincial woman; saved a kid from car accidents few years back, she might not what all these were; but for me, I am still today grateful to god as well that I was able to save her. That day, I still do not know why I was walking in the middle of road that memorable day. My chum, Mr. Mohan chan Gurung says to instigate civic involvement; one can even start with stopping to throw dirt in streets. I helped one of my friend with whom we participated in ‘psycho-revolution’ program and showed his gratitude offering me a genuine government stamped certificate of an honour, with which most people have been granted foreign visit visa easily. My response was simply, “I’m sorry my friend, how can I take a certificate of appreciation for which I haven’t done anything”.

awakened mindAmong unforgettable incidents, the staff of our college captivated an owl after seizure and I didn’t know that my biologists lecturer was assuming that an owl would be a wonderful museum specimen as this species was rare in IUCN Red book. Once I comprehended everything, I snatched an owl trying to take home and release in the evening. I was apprehended at college gate by sentinel and tried to seize an owl saying college property. Then, I had an argument with my lecturer. My one line sentence to him was ‘you taught us about degrading biodiversity, and paradoxically, dreaming this owl for a scientific museum specimen?’. He tried to persuade me saying not to be so sentiment. Finally I grappled and succeeded taking home, as I also gathered support from other influenced students as well. At home, in the evening, I extricated an owl from a cage and human once and for all. Sometimes, I ponder upon the erudite and their sluggish actions towards the science.

After completion of my master degree in environmental science, my family coerced me to work for money. Immediately, I thought that the subject I chose is not for the lucrative purpose rather than it is for the catholic purpose to save human existence. Thinking about parents, it often compelled me to change the major subject. But, my articles both scientific and general papers always have been assisting me to go for science. Understanding the importance of technology, I am erudite of the computer programs, which I took in NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology), SPSS training (Statistical Program for Social Sciences), general hardware etc… as an auxiliary subject. I also volunteered actively in counseling the candidates on the advantage of applying for the scholarship and during the conduction of scholarship examination for NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology at 11th  Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship program.

I am also very much attached with the Television programs; some of my best channels have always been the National Geographic Channel, Discovery, and History channels as it shows the relevant documentary program of my subject. While I was working in my recent research of increasing precipitation of the Asian Monsoon in Nepal, I came across it was due to the warming Indian Ocean as I depicted in the NASA websites. Recently, I have presented about ‘Warming Indian Ocean and its Environmental Impact in the Upper Bagmati Watershed’ in ‘National Conference on Environment’ on 22-27June 2007. During my Research, I learned much more about the Ocean and its global working system. It is the most influencing topic that tapered my focus towards Oceanography. When I strive about ocean to search more, and even once it was shown in National Geographic Channel about the ocean conveyor belt’s condition in the Pacific Ocean. Senior Scientists say that the consequences of the conveyor speed change could aggravate the Environment. These intriguing situations in ocean have still more things to learn its working mechanism and the system, which ultimately assist to envisage the unprecedented disasters in future. The last tsunami was also unforgettable.

Observing the various search areas, from the internet and various reliable resources like World Meteorological Organization (WMO), through their publications like “World Climate”,  Being regular recipient that updates recent information that have wrought me to research on Indian Ocean through the Monsoon precipitation trend. After acquiring a degree on Oceanography and equipped myself with strong knowledge, it will definitely enable me to work on Indian Ocean more diversely and efficiently with wide scientific ken.

And, It is inevitable that science is not a business; Curiosity is there for the conservation of Earth system for the human survival i.e. ‘Millennium Goals. ‘No one is doctor, pilot, engineer or an Oceanographer by birth, everyone acquires through learning’. Therefore, after pursuing a graduate degree in Oceanography; the major focus would be the Indian Ocean, its observation of shuttle changes and simultaneous impacts to the South-Asian Countries because it is the driving place of the Monsoon Season. Today, It is a really a grave situation that some African nations lose the African monsoon season and facing the grim problems associated with drought. Let it not be happening in the South-Asian Monsoon!

Recently my Late father, ex-British Army, who got a cancer while in Iraq with heavy medical expenses, which to some extent enervated my dream to become the great scientist and a watchdog in this environmental science arena. I see myself on the edge of my future career, either as an Oceanographer/environmental change, vulnerability and governance or simply one man probably living his life insignificantly. There’s still an argument between sociologists, “whether society shape individual or vice-versa”. I see now, I need to be shaped by society to achieve goal. Standing on reality ground, because of my passion towards Oceanography/Climate change; if I were financially strong, I’d surely look forward to be a PhD holder rather than trying for cogent E-W JSP Scholarship program .

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