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Since Industrial Revolution, the earth’s system has been degrading everyday, where the climate change is taken seriously in this century than ever before. Ultimately, the “Tree” is the main basis of issue for conservation and preservation overall, as it is intimately associated with biodiversity and climate change perspectives. Many innovative ideas have emerging to preserve earth somehow in any economic activities. How to gather the simple, new ideas of technology into preserving the earth somehow?

For the sustainable development, both earth and development have to be taken as one way train. This is the time that human should use the earth’s resources at its best before any unprecedented catastrophe. Therefore, one of the best options is to use as much as electronic systems in every institutions instead of paper at its best in order to save the earth’s resources. For example, the popular international programs like “ONE CHILD PER LAPTOP”. There are thousands of schools, and hundred thousands of school children, which means huge amount of papers are required for academic books and exercise books. It means to cut down hundreds and thousands acres of forest land to be cut down. A forest takes at least 10 years for any economic activities and easily chopped in few seconds for making papers, fire woods etc.

Ultimately, it is the destiny of the development and the whole world will one day accept it and it will be wise-decision. If this scheme is implemented to huge extent, then, we are the environmentalist; not only those who gathers academic certificates. The current rate of forest degradation will plummet with increasing wise-use of developed technology. As far as possible, let us reduce the use of earth’s resources.

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