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How can herald erudite forget the lessons from the European Acid rain, Japan’s Minnamata disease, Hiroshama and Nagasaki Atomic bomb explosion, Chernobyl Nuclear powerplant disasters, Antarctica Ozone Depletion, African Monsoon Climate loss etc…?  Can we balance earth systems? The answer is “Yes, definitely”. Therefore, I am eager to pursue graduate in the ‘environmental change, vulnerability and governance’ of Environmental research at East-West West Center as it said it focuses on critical interactions and interdependencies between environment and society.  Within this intellectual framework, individual projects respond to current issues of global and regional significance (e.g., climate change, biodiversity, urban pollution), illuminate critical gaps in scientific understanding, and explore innovative approaches to establishing more effective partnerships that will sustain both people and the environment.

Focusing on on this subject will certainly widen my ken. I believe, prior environmental decisions,  the crux is to comprehend the complete science an issue which I am sure, I can equip myself with additional scientific knowledge. The Asian nation still could not take a giant leap forward in the beautifully assorted environmental management, plans, policies.


On 23 June 2007, at the National Conference on Environment organized by Dept. of Environmental Science and Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, I presented a paper regarding ‘Warming Indian Ocean impact on Asian Monsoon Climate Change and its Environmental impact in the Upper Bagmati Watershed’, where I discussed the impacts of heavy industries’ emanated aerosols to human health and climate over long term. This conference encourage further to research on aerosols’ impact to south Asian Monsoon and local climate because it has covered the entire north India. The NASA released the air pollution picture at the Northern Indian sub-continent due to heavy industries which certainly have an impact in the regional scale. Especially, Nepal needs to endorse about possible permanent impacts in international arena as it may face the climate shift because aerosols affect the regional climate. Nepal being landlocked country, the failure of Asian monsoon due to aerosols could cause the situation no different than some African countries that are facing drought due to failure of African monsoon. Being living in the South Asia, I am very much concerned about the Indian Ocean where the Asian monsoon originates and blesses the South Asia as the water resources and project developments. No doubt, it also associates with the environmental disasters like floods, landslides, water-borne diseases etc.


Since the industrial revolution, development and environmental degradation have been going simultaneously. In general, South Asian population is booming more rapidly in this century urbanization, water resource, electricity, air pollution, solid waste problems have been havocs ineluctable in every cities of the developing world. Therefore, it is the time of well-erudite environmentalist to amalgam the development and environment for sustainable development.


Often, I assumed that massive afforestation program would solve some environmental problem because it absorbs the atmospheric carbon dioxide, acting as a filter and provide human a fresh Oxygen air to breathe. Forests also maintain the global temperature and environmental cycles, which human beings activities are accelerating its tempo resulting unprecedented consequences which ultimately affect the lives of Earth. We can solve environmental problems.


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