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It was my first week visit to Chandeni V.D.C, Kavre, Nepal for community development project On 5th day, my attention was being drawn by one of my most astounding and defining experience that ever happened to me to be as a translator, diplomat, social worker, volunteer and a leader being a program officer at KEEP, driving everyone in this school building project of a government school, where an interaction was inevitable between proactive school children, villagers, volunteers . May be it was meant to happen, that foreign volunteers decided to sponsor two students as much as they can and covet to study; one of them was Chandani.

So, one of her school teacher, Mr. Hari and I along with sponsors, Tracey and Sarah, went to her house to start a matter with her family to affirm a proposal. Definitely, all family members seemed to be happy with this perfect time and situation.

Now, the real story resumes here when you look this situation through my eyes. I urged family members to respond; at least something from her mom. I saw her innocent mom, good looking, beautiful and illiterate. But, even her illiteracy has broken down all the walls and barriers of ignorance about the importance of education and letting her young talented small school girl to get better education. It is this point where mom’s desires burnt down into black ashes; the matter is money.

Chandani, a young school girl, has even more feeling than her mom. She had a wish to study in private school because she knows very well that teachers teach very well. Her friends have gone to private schools. Then, once she insisted so much to her parent that they sent her in a private school, but, unfortunately she could go only for 5-6 days because of a common disease; the disease is the “financial burden”. Then, again she had no choice than to retreat to the same banal and poor government school. It must have been “the darkest of the dark moment” in her life. Nothing worked out.

During project, chandani used to hang around close to foreign volunteers, helping them with brick and stone to construct her government school rooms in a crowd. In a break time, volunteers polished their nails beautifully. Her mom told us that her daughter, chandani, used to show her the nail polish, saying polished by those foreign volunteers. Every evening, chandeni urged her illiterate mom that they just polished her nails beautifully, which just last for few days, what if they support her in getting her into better education that lasts long forever. Now, how could her village mom convince her daughter’s inner eager situation to this chaos, busy foreigners with multitude of barriers from language, convincing power etc? And the most saddening story was that chandani always used to tell her mom in every evening that she does not have that sufficient “English” vocabulary and bold effort to convey them, what actually, she feels about her grim life story. We stayed there a week and I personally, sensed that she was dying every night in her long deep silences and eyes were just popping out “expressing her hidden deepest desire”. It is the nature’s gift one can’t deny that mind concentration needs ear to listen to the audible voice, to get at least concentration. In case of chandani’s voice, story is opposite because her English vocabulary restrained her so intensely that her inner voices were being stabbed to death; therefore, she just hanged around foreigners as a proactive colleague to build her own government school. God was watching everything silently in that busy daytime crowded, noisy construction environment.

God is God, Anyway! Tracey, one of the directors of the board of members, crooked trails, USA, who was one of the sponsors for her, told me that it is not a coincidence visit to Nepal. It was meant for this purpose, inner connection or if reincarnation is possible, then, there was our connection between us. I believe, it was true about that connections, which Tracey and Sarah, sponsors, felt, realized with a super-conscious mind that enact them to guarantor her as long as she can study.

That informal meeting with family members was very tearful and inspiring story.  It is to serve a community beyond service; enabling back-warded government schools so that a school girl like Chandeni can also seek and find a cheaper government school with the best quality.

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