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Before we jump to conclusions as to whether people from such a developing country as Nepal, should vote or not in the upcoming CA poll; after years of failure in leading a country by political parties, let’s discuss some few points. People and political parties have been indulging in futile issues all these years.

The country has entered into a federal republic system. I think it is too early for a country like Nepal, where people need a better understanding of society and more education. In the case of society; our society is still not as fragmented as in more literate western countries where decisions are made on their own choices, based on a clearer understanding of agendas and goals of leading political parties. These essential things are, as yet, not present in Nepal. We have witnessed the failure of political parties in Nepal since the end of the monarchy which they (the political parties) have confessed repeatedly. The failure of the political parties has been because they have created their political agendas, and already registered their parties at the election commission for the upcoming polls, without participatory consultation on the general public’s issues, demands, choices and needs. We have already established a federal republic system; we need not worry about a federal system which is a re-division of our country’s road map for development to share power with local people. The current system needs either decentralization of power at the ground level and/or restructuring to allow more power to indigenous peoples, so that equilibrium can be established. Unless and until power is shared with the people on the ground, this CA poll will not bring about the desired result. This will just be another bus-stop in a series of revolutionary phases, which will continue until the desired phase — a more educated and individualized society who will incur the right of power sharing. Anyway, there’s always time to look back on the past and make efforts towards the future, the CA polls are scheduled and the question among the general public is whether to vote or not? My logic is that we, the people, have the power to change a system, to change our political leaders. And, the crystal clear path in my opinion is as follows:

a) The poll must be an electronic election (ee) fingerprint system, where data gets directly assembled into the central election committees’ server.

b) The Prime minister or power holder should be allowed 2 full years of his/her tenure and should not be allowed more than two consecutive terms.

c) Ascertain that decentralization of power is essential to balance the country.

If these above three points are accepted by all political parties to adopt after CA polls, the people may then go to the polls and we will be moving toward a free and Democratic society. Arjun Limbu E-mail:

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