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Mind Nutrients:

Emptiness of Mind


Human dreams, inquisitiveness of development for comfort, are ameliorating to touch the perimeter of perfection, to attain the pinnacle of an individual’s life; however, retarded by simple lack of mind nutrients. Brain is the central processing unit of this Body system and nurturing is essential. Multitasking, time factor are enervating mind potential. In addition to food, the mind emptiness will also invigorate us. Even, the task prioritizing, avoiding distractions will help to liberate mind from futile indulgence. Every early morning and before sleep, let our mind be refreshed with some simple mind nutrients.

There are Physical and Mental.Physical include simple exercise and mental includes mathematics, avoiding distractions, multi-tasking etc. Mind Nutrients culminate with alleviating concentration or Focus by emptying mind every morning and evening.

In early morning, both physical and mental nutrients, one should try to empty mind and postulates are asserted. First, meditate in the straight back sitting or standing pose as far as in silent environ. The silent vicinity would play a vital role. The “Complete Tree yoga pose” is an example” for standing posture. Later relax in sleeping pose with awaken mind with a deep breathe for today’s whole work. Slowly, gently and deliberately open your eyes and think about today’s myriad responsibility. Then, do some simple mathematical solving may be addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. to fortify mind for whole days.

Then, in the evening session, don’t do mathematical problems because mind is usually chock-full with stresses and even nothing to perform tonight.  But, the physical exercise (yoga postures) will help to relax your stressed both mind and body.

On the other hand, one must understand well to affirm “why should I do this?” First thing, it takes only about maximum 10 minutes, tangible and home able. Second thing is that mind controls the physical body. Good mind good control on body. If you tremble or cannot stay in a Tree Yoga pose (one-footed stand with joined two hands straight above head), then, your mind is not controlling body perfectly. You must control your own body; controlling your body with mind will ultimately shape your mind in good stature. Focus is needed for control. Once masterminding focus, you can use ubiquitously.

Though, multi-tasking is a prolific ability, the simplicity in life is crucial. It is continuous information surpassing to brain nerves relentlessly and often excruciatingly. In life, creative thoughts also protrude from two things; one through work (pensively) and second from the empty mind (intuition). Empty mind allows huge information to flow in the brain nerves; no traffic jam. As far as possible, avoid distractions, multi-tasking but not fanatically. Don’t open television, radio and other gadgets at once; you may lose focal potency with a profligate multitask. However, through multitask paths also spawn new ideas; but, an empty mind brings focus to rethink about it further.

To get wisdom, introspect on both the solo- and multi-tasking personification. Life is SIMPLY to express, experience, experiment what u have; nothing obstinately.

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