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Patterns of LIFE

Why do some peoples’ hearts break or remain attached whole life? Or Later in Life, the same despondent person becomes deferential one and vice-versa. It is to be realized after reading; not to remain constricted in theory only. The dimensions (or hues) of life are all positive, negatives and neutral (if there is !) like love, hatred and an enlightenment respectively; where the saturation (concentration) invariably brings the patterns of LIFE. Our brain and sense organs play a vital role concurrently in the saturation of hues of life. It asserts that life is oscillating the human volition in various dimensions and steer you to complete understanding your individual Pattern of LIFE and decide now, where should I go?

Both the hue and saturation can be enhanced explicitly in positive, neutral and negative ways. For example, the terrorists are hued by terror activities running in their mind and body. When someone close to him encourages to it, it will increases the saturation point that takes to the extreme point, the one pattern of LIFE and vice-versa. Once the Shakespeare said, “Tell me about your friends, I will tell about you.”  You are the result of the forces of nature. The nature has forces like hue and saturation.

                                                Hue:                positive                          neutral                                 negative

                                               Saturation:    Good better best          Enlightenment            worse     worsen   worst


A just born child’s life pattern rather remains closely neutral considering both hues and saturation because what a child can do? Later in development stages, slowly and deliberately his/her life pattern shapes by various conditions, circles that are captivated in the form of knowledge, experience, wisdom etc. Therefore, our societies, friends, individual’s knowledge, wisdoms, everything are the influence of hues and saturation.

One of the best parts in the Pattern of LIFE is that the hues can be changed depending upon the saturation condition. A negative person can be easily reverted to positive hue, if the hue is negative, but he/she should have low saturation. Even for high saturation, either time factor may prolong or strong influential force is needed. For example, the strongly aberrant person can be delved easily and bring to positive hue by his attached and closest one, can be best friend. But, he/she should have a very positive hue both in his mind and body because theory and pragmatic wisdom differs. A person with negative volitional force will impair oneself and his/her vicinity.

To outcast yourself from this matrix life, a deep pensive mood is needed after you study this. One can remain by abstaining oneself to be merged in this mundane life and introspect from distant with mind with lateral thinking rather than uni-directionally. Everything made will not last long, why to have an attachment or aversion towards something which do not last long.

The best way to be out of this matrix mundane world is the understanding its true nature which comes through the good Meditation.

Thursday, September, 17, 2006

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