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Time Machine has not yet been invented. If my life is to achieve something or have a purpose, then, Time is crucial element and decision has to be made in the present moment that changes your course of action. Life is like a RIVER, you keep on flowing with twist & turns, until an ocean is reached where time will drag you even if you don’t wish to move in a provided time. So, it is better to make a move. Life is like a FLOWCHART, there are always options, true/false, where you have to make a decision in a provided time.  A provided time is a point of NO RETURN.

Time is a uni-directional, one-way traffic system, where we have to achieve our objectives. However, every organism is travelling laterally with us in this linear direction timeline. A TIME-LINE is a path, a route course of life. So, it somehow looks like linear, but there’s uncountable timelines are here for billions of people and all living organisms. This MULTIPLE-
is fixed with/by their brain capacity in the course of life. This is what explained by Einstein, the greatest minds of our time, as “Theory of Relativity”. It is this reason, not all people’s wishes are fulfilled. EMPATHY word is when joined with feelings, then and there; you jump across your timeline to someone else. Every day, we blend on different timelines; sometime, we lost ourselves into different timeline without realizing it.

So, the question would be can we change our timeline into better timeline because everyone wants a better conditions? The answer is YES !!  yes !!   YeS !! The TRAININGS are one of the best tool to take you up a higher or a different route for a change in your time line.

Everything is at the “opportunity cost” against time.


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