The bright future of my children depends on totally on how much they have understood the practical life? As a father, a mother, you’ve already realize that things you could have done in your early stages of life to improve livelihood? I’m asking these questions because it is completely nothing but to solve problems in Life. If you are still thinking that you need happiness all the time, then, you brain is still the size of peanut. It’s time to wake up now.

What am I exactly proposing to you, is on how to make your children independent? The answer is very enable to find answers as First education starts from family. Answers are the problem-solving to tackle prevailing unprecedented situations.Everything needs leading. Leaders always solve problems.

Steps to make them independent:

  • Put them in Inquisitive Environment

Same things dull children’s mind. If you children do not pose questions, then, there’s a psychological issues. “Sharing ideas, feelings will relief minds” and enrich with new information.  Find a reason to smile every day because a smile without a day is wasted day. Do not confine children inside a cozy room; take them to open big spaces, let them experience what real world is. Learning with fun should be a method.

If you kids do not pose questions, then, you can ask them first in the matter of their interest before you jump to other topics. Story telling is one of the best methods to dream, and dreaming will put to ask questions to parents. Many topics will manifest the harnessing capacity of children.

  • Teach how to Fish

Let them debate, query, brainstorm, group-work, individual work with friends for multiple possibilities of solutions to problem solving. A computer games also enrich kids. Be open to them to ask if they do not get an idea on how to start.

Teach internet searching skills: Google search, Yahoo, Bing search.

  • Ask for Presentation of their Findings.

Let them know they have done wonderful findings and give constructive feedbacks. You can ask why do they think that it is the best and why?

-use of computer skills (Ms-Word, Pictures, etc.)

Expected Outcome

It allows ample space to keep children engage and enhances their good communication skills, information search, creativity, organizing, presentation skills, leadership skills overtime.

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