5 Guidance to Growing Children   Leave a comment

Human being organic, growth, a natural part of life has to deal with the Darwin’s theory,”survival of the fittest”. Some important things you need to teach your children are as follows:

1.  Get Education : Continue to go to school. Compulsory education is the buddha’s teaching (the true guidance in life).

2. Time, Work and Play Balance: Encourage to work and learn from it. From morning bed making to brushing floors, kitchen, redesigning house, clay-paper work, art, singing, buy a musical instrument (keyboard, drum …), train them. The value of Time.

3. Brain Use: How to use money and its value?

4. Spirituality: Remember God is good only, so moral stories will help your children to guide in their course of lifetime. Buddha’s life education.

5. Issues Discussion: Rather than imposing, try to discuss on issues so that your children understands it positively, which your children will respect and appreciate for understanding them or their situation. In educating a child, protect child when they can’t understand us (babies), when they grow older and understand, argue and use logic to click their head that what is right/wrong and why.

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