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7 Basic Things to do in Bird Watching

How to watch birds in your birds watching travels? We have enlisted here 7 most important things to do in birds watching.

1. Body Shape:

The important thing to do in bird watching or Birding is watch body shape of that particular bird. Many bird species have characteristic shape or profiles. Every bird has his or her own characteristics shape given by nature. So, first thing to watch is body shape. Watching body shape is probably the most important feature used in bird identification.

2. Shape and Size:

Watching the shape and size of that bird is the next valuable things to do in birding. Yes, shape and size is the most important criteria for the identification of a bird. Shape and Size is useful when you are describing a new bird. Shape and Size is helpful when you are comparing it with the size of a familiar one. Usually, birds of the same size are supposed to be of the same shape unless otherwise stated. It is very useful to have a standard type of well known birds for the purpose of size comparison. According the bird specialist, there are two typical sets have been proposed. That is one for forest species and the other for wetland species. So, don’t forget to watch shape and size to do’s in bird watching or birding

Things to do in bird watching

3. Shape of Beak:

Another Do’s in birding is watching shape of beak. The morphology of beak or bill displays a wide range of variation depending upon the nature of food and the method of feeding. Beak of birds may depends on the several things around that particular bird. The most powerful determinant of size, colour, etc of beak may depends on the nature of food and the methods of feeding. Varied beak shapes have enabled birds to exploit different habits and fit into a wide range of ecological niches. Beak shapes help identify some bird species. In some instances the sexes can be differentiated by the beak shape and size.

4. Legs and Feet:

Watching legs and feet is another important things to do in bird watching or birding. The shape, size, colour and feature of legs and feet do not exhibit as much variation as the beak. Still their colour, length and feature assist in identification. The most important field characters are usually the colour and the length of the leg (particularly in the case of wetland birds).

5. Tail:

Watching tails is another important things to do in bird watching or birding. In a practical sense the tail of a bird is most clearly seen while the bird is in rest or on move. Its main function is to steer the bird during flight and to assist in landing. The shape of tail aids to identify some species such as forktail and drongos. The tail is sometimes used for display as in Racquet-tail drongo and Paradise flycatcher, and this too is important in identification.

6. Wings:

Watching wings is another important things to do in bird watching or birding. The vivid colour, shape and size impressed in bird’s wings are good indicators of the nature of flight, flight speed with distance. The most familiar wing shape is that of the passerines (e.g., the crow), but some characteristic shapes and sizes enable a group of birds to be identified easily.

7. Special Features:

Watching special feature is another important things to do in bird watching or birding. The bird watcher should be always aware whether there is especial feature or not. If those particular birds have any other special feature, please note down. As we have aleady discussed about every birds have their own body shape and profile. Some birds have special structure and parts in their body that are distinctive; often they have modified feathers or skin. The crest is one such feature. Some of the plumage characters develop only during the breeding season, but in Nepalese birds this is relatively rare. Among skin extensions are wattles (e.g., Red-wattled lapwing).

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