story-telling1                                                                                         “THE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS OF SPEAKER”

Among friends, I speak openly, frankly and state our emotions, feelings as if I am the leader of the World, an eloquent speaker, a spiritual leader, a discoverer, like an erudite or an innovator as if I know things that no other knows about it. I used to flunk when other speakers speak from a podium. But, In front of a microphone, I sweat; my heart beat rises, mouth blabbers, suffocate myself with fears, forget everything that I prepared this morning, when I see a huge mass of people. I don’t know why what I am afraid of?


I was an introvert, with a poor vocabulary, unsocial, can’t beat others in a debate. One day, I happened to see an advertisement saying a seminar on a public speaking, which was going to be held on Saturday. Usually, I go to cinema on Saturday and seminar time was on same time unfortunately. Fortunately, I booked a ticket on a different time and had a full swing time to attend a seminar. A reason to attend seminar was that my subconscious mind kept telling me that I need to become an extrovert by expressing my feelings by becoming an outspoken. I had read in internet, blogs, infographics a lot on how to become a good story teller, a good public speaker, which actually didn’t help. In a seminar there were two girls and me, waiting for introducer of a course. All of us had been instinctively attracted to this advertisement which said, “THE WORLD IS IN THE HANDS OF SPEAKER”

Later someone looked smart and gentle personality, entered who was a tutor, when he started introducing himself, was an amazing guy. The way he expressed on topic, why people need to develop this public speaking skills is simply great. Even though, we were only three people in a seminar room, his power in voice is enough to influence us, smiling all the time, eloquently speaking enough to draw our attention. Two hours passed by, but felt as if to listen him on and on. He completely mesmerized us with his speaking talent and encouraged us to attend with his course costs fees and time tables.

I joined a class, and it had wonderful feelings to me. After first course, I am feeling a powerful person now. Training from a person makes a trainee more capable than reading from a book. I experienced a practice in front of a noble trainer, who was there to guide me. It was everyday two hours of speaking training, slowly the words and sentences started to flow better smoothly and always wait to chance to give a speech. He said to practice it every day to be a very good speaker.

Speakers TYPE in the business world:

  1. The incoherent, who meander, use tons of jargon, and talk of things interesting mostly to themselves.
  2. The coherent, who can verbally communicate facts and opinions but seldom say anything memorable.
  3. The articulate, who speak succinctly and clearly but whose words are seldom persuasive.
  4. The eloquent, who use language and body language to win the hearts and minds of listeners.

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