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Which civilization is better to carry with: Eastern or Western? What is OUTER and INNER world?

First of all, a civilization is how a certain group of people living in a certain geographical boundary for thousands of year with a development in specific way of life system. Development is an outcome of a civilization. These days, the trendy is the Eastern and Western civilization categorically due to its difference in riches and values it possesses with development over time.

Aeroplane, Telecommunication was invented recently in the western world which it has become a major means of transportation. Can you imagine, in the eastern civilization’s religious texts, it was invented long before? There are so many explained things that only the eastern civilization has to offer an answer to it because everything happens with cause and effect? However, the science will one day delve into ocean of the mystics of Eastern civilization one day. For now, it is just a fables, tales.

The eastern civilization has explored to the deepest ocean of mind, and the western civilization has reached out to the circumference of the universe. The yoga, mediations are the golden fruits of eastern civilization, its Spiritual scientists or Fedangma (Erudite Spiritual Teacher in Nepali Limbu religion) had discovered over millennia that has given them on how to achieve an inner peace and at ultimate stage, to cleanse one-self into purity stage. The Fedangma have used the 6th Sense in this journey. The western civilizations has exploring the possibilities of human survival, provided technologies to communicate through smartphones, internet, computers to store written documents that is “Making Life more Easy and Comfortable” and we called it a development.

In short, how many dimensions the science and religions bring out to limelight. For an ordinary people like you and me, we have only two worlds: INNER World and OUTER world. It is therefore, we often think about ourselves only becoming selfish; while we are all alone, talking to self-that is the inner world which we cannot deny, it is an experience collection, a path to inner journey in search of wisdom, a mental acumen. You are a scientist in Eastern world if you discover by experience. For example, Sweets, Sours are just words if you don’t experience by actually tasting it. If it is in words, it is science; if you find it by taste it yourself, it is a discovery, means you are a scientist in Eastern civilization. At the same time, being a social well being, we also need to prosper with amenities (a home, a car, a good friends, money to self-sustain at least and donation to bring up other too etc..). Because my wise brother in Hongkong now, once sent me a digital pin message as “We are all family and in a family, family members are never left behind and never forgotten in this journey of life”. Therefore, we need to own both Inner peace and Outer prosperity. Therefore, both eastern and western civilization needs to nexus point somewhere.

Eastern people are using the latest technologies of western world, so now westerners should experience eastern civilization. So, why don’t you come to meditate for a minute on mountain top of Nepal? If your thoughts are full of impure, visit the country, Nepal, with forehead of the Ocean. The noble silence, fresh air scent blended with pure flavor of riches of its culture, is enough to purify your soul silhouetting -INNER WORLD. I’m here waiting for you.

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