Your Culture reflects you.-ARJUN LIMBU

Project Name:Ethnic Cultural Tourism in Nepal

Need Assessment: Nepal has 124 languages and rich in ethnicity covering certain geographical regions with a beautiful tales and fables, with which these people been living for centuries that has no catalogue properly.

Target Groups: Ethnic people and their associations.
Proposed Program: ThisProposed Program intends to record and publish the story telling from ethnic people on marriage, rites & rituals, Languages, History, Fables & tales, Festivals.
Project Goal: To keep a record and benefit those Nepali ethnic cultural community so that tourists visit them after reading it in international arena.
Project Activities: How does it work efficiently?
Step 1. Written Ethnic manuscripts (article, photos) will be collected from academic, researchers, respective organizations.
Step 2. It will be published 1000 copies print by the end of a year. Publication types: Story telling form of presentation)
Project Output Expectations:
Tourists will visit ethnic groups and ethnic groups will be benefitted.
Print Language: English
Project Time Frame:
1 Year.
Collaboration and Networking:
Govt. Education, Travelers’ Information Centre
How can you help?
I propose you to fund us or help in kind in the project essentials.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted September 29, 2014 by arjunlimbu in MY DREAM PROJECT

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