Leader may have gene-borne quality, however, exercising it will built a leadership quality.-ARJUN LIMBU

Project Name: School Development Program

Need Assessment: School teaches only what’s on a book, where the real world is very different. Even these days, graduates students are not able to deliver services needed by current business, firms, NGOs, GOs, because of lack of managerial skills, communication skills, driving ability and therefore, many employees go into psychological depression. Backward school children will be mostly benefited that will even help to improve their exam results. The sleeping minds will be awakened.

Target Groups: Lower and Secondary level school children for school.
Proposed Program: This Proposed Program intends to give students an opportunity to experience a basic real life activities to work on that will be helpful to cope with unprecedented future in their career and life. This course will make use of both left and right brain equally.child
Project Goal: To prepare school children strong and independent for future.
Project Activities: How does it work efficiently?
Step 1. Students group will be formed who will be trained on different topics and implement it.
Sports program arrangement, Clean-up programs, Peer Counseling, Teaching lower standards, Market value research, Rigorous Debate, Planning,
Step 2. Quarterly their activity report will be explained on meeting.
Step 3. In the end of a year, new team will be reformed.

Project Output Expectations:
Students’ attendance will grow with their test exams due to overall development by Confidence. It is a soft skills development so students’ response should be positive and observed in change of behavior, attitudes.
Project Time Frame: 1 week period to train. Constant consultation when students need or through assessment.
Project Sustainability:
One time establishment, Training to all students. This group will teach new team.
Project Resource Essentials: Stationery.
Project Innovation: There are many school clubs. This will give them an immense experience.
Collaboration and Networking: Govt. Education, NGOs
Project Challenge:
Will the backward students come to the front row?

How can you help?
I propose you to fund us or help in kind in the project essentials.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted September 29, 2014 by arjunlimbu in MY DREAM PROJECT

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  1. Reblogged this on prithbilimbu and commented:
    Of course , such type of program can build the children’s confidentialities. Many children in Nepal, especially those who are studsents of school level, have lacked their confidence such as speaking in public, interact with teacher etc. As a result they become lag behind. They really need to be awakened. They won’t have any futrue even if they graduates their higher degrees. Basically, teacher plays a great role to be such circumstance on students. Teacher should stimulate each and every students in their class.


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