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Both visitor and tourism entrepreneurs should know on effective use of social media to benefit from each other in a travel sector from preparation, security, accuracy of information, and economically. A visitor needs to find a secure, friendly, professional hotel, tour operators, home-stay operators. Tourism entrepreneurs should be having as many guests so that he/she can be economically sustainable. At the economy level, tourism entrepreneurs at household level should be able to make use of it to its best to attract its customers (known/unknown).

Social Media (SM) tools are very simple, effective in knowing status of your plan. Today’s world is where a “Personal Touch or connection” is very essential to network with people. SM is the best option even with low literacy society and individual. It is a Mass Media, however, it has one more efficient benefit than television promo is that it can help you and your client to stay in touch with you always and constantly, and help to communicate at personal level. It is an easy, quick means of communication with your clients. However, you should be very best in the greater wise use of SM. SM tools are ever increasing and giving you more options and ways to do your promotional part at no costs as compared with traditional marketing techniques. There, someone can put posts different views, pictures, and thoughts. The host can take a pictures with their clients and put it in the SM, however, they maybe also some criticism chances, where SM manager should be very tactful. Negative comments are never bad. Most people prefer to remove bad comments from clients, however, if SM manager is wise-enough, he/she could properly answer positively.

Globally, internet users continue to spend more time with SM sites than any other type of sites. So, we need to channelize them on benefiting through tourism. And, SM creates an Individual Impulse of liking first, then, business comes next, therefore, our tourism industry needs to create such many impulses. This impulse is the thing that drives our emotion to do something (in biological language), so let’s start to make people travel by creating those impulse by posting your experiences, your pictures with astonishing landscapes of places you travel, adding videos footage.

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