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 don’t be a football to others -“Never be driven by others’ decision because it’s your goal, not theirs”.

A successful person knows where he/she is going which others have not seen it-the future. Successful person knows the exact pathways and calculations of the twist and turns in achieving a grand success. He foresee the possible impending problems and seeks its solutions (SWOT Analysis one of them), so actually he is following a Life chart flow pattern. Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape from this because you have already been chosen to follow it. So, carefully understand what Life Chart Pattern is laid out for you. It is your life to make your life a successful one: rich with money, and goodness in your heart for all.

Life is exactly a water cycle, an evaporated H20 molecules is precipitated in cool parts of Mountain. Then, it has to find its way of winding course of streams, river channels, struck with huge boulders, change course and sometimes gets absorbed by others.

In this life, your moves are an integral part of a Flow Chart pattern. In a flow chart, there are many nodes or junction where you need a decision and this decision will guide you to a different route. In a node, a question required to be answered where you cannot escape. Life Flow Chart

Life chart is a complex combination of nodes and pathways that will take you to different routes in life.So, you should know where to make right, left, up, down turn, stop and resume again. Consider your best choices, suggestions, anticipate results of your actions, perceive your goals from here and now as shown in Figure.

Remember, this life is a chart flow. A chart flow is a system that makes decision of Yes/No/Silence as answers in a node point where this science of average is inevitably important. So, check your Node points (decision making cross road section) of your important life.

So, in every node, do a lot of research, discussion or take suggestions from all available resources, but you should make your own decision.

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