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It was a Saturday mid-day about to be, I was watching a tv on a rented third floor, all of a sudden a huge earthquake struck in Kathmandu city, Nepal, was my first impression. My whole house was swinging left and right and all materials let to fall down right in front of me. My steel made water filter with full water bang on the floor, TV old fashioned crashed on cemented floor, my piled items dropped. It happened so sudden, couldn’t think of myself and by the time, whole house was swinging, felt as if i was in a roller-coaster. It is not a movie and nothing like a movie, maybe 4 Dimensional or above give more accurate feelings in future. I felt that Earthquake is much more powerful, equally threatening enough to demote you because your support the ground or road or in house situation is itself shaking.

Usually, Earthquake used to shake for a while, which didn’t happened this time. It kept on while i’m writing this blog about it.It was my first ever experience to be hit by 7.6 Rectar scale. Now, it is 12.27 pm sitting on a chair between two story-houses on either side of me. I got a brief shock again, which compelled me to write about it something, but i have no wi-fi to post it online to express what i felt about it.

Some of my feelings like Social Media (SM) is the best ever approach to get quick information about earthquake news. At a time, all the people living from different regions can post pictures immediately, however, in Nepal, communication system is highly obstructed in phone call, and data use. However, when people actually needed these technological services, people do not get accessed through it. In other countries, nepali people have already been informed of every destruction.

We have no electricity, i charged my mobile phone with a laptop battery, thankfully i carried it with me when i ran out of my house. My subject being Environmental science academically, second thing, on my mind was what is the scale, size, epicentre of it. I was on the road and being Kathmandu city, everywhere is big houses, cable wires hanging on poles, injured people being carried, women crying in front of me who was worried about her children who were at house that instant moment. For safety, i look at the safety points from my calculation being environmental awareness practitioner. i opened my mobile data, started to check earthquake news. It shocked me when i learnt that there are many points even though it was started in Gorkha district of Nepal. Being, very scholar about earthquake and geology of Nepal, everything kept me to think now what? Over and over again, earthquake kept striking us.

Young motorists are driving on road in a quick speed, many people said, many such motorists have been swept on the ground. Cars, local transportation services were running everywhere despite continued earthquakes. i wondered if they would harm others too. There was heavy chances of stampede. No electricity to charge your laptop battery or your mobile phones and people are worried about their relatives who are far away. It was a havoc.

We always talk about Communication as a first means of reducing damage as well as to continue to seek victims who needs most help with priority, however, we didn’t have any phone system connection. Family, friends from all over the world worried about their relatives here in Nepal. Earthquake kept returning, we used to look at the housing metal rods on top of the roof which was swinging when jerked by earthquake. i had water bottle, which shakes too as an indicator. The cost of food materials suddenly hiked up, it was all of a sudden so people bought it. Dry foods are easy to find and eat, but simultaneously, it increases your thirst level, and here was a big drinking water problem. It is a crisis, a real crisis. Climatically, it is supposed to be dry and hot season, but right now and since saturday, it has been raining while all people have been living in open spaces with tents wherever possible. This heavy rain, snow (Visually 5 cm in diameter) is also falling with thunderstorms in this Kathmandu city right now. Can’t believe it, right? Yes, it is happening. Poor people have been asking money, food whatever available. We heard in news that leaders, politician are nowhere to be seen, neither the government. It makes you realize that everybody wants to survive, no matter what in anyway possible.

Looking into the news pics, all old houses, engineered houses, poorly built houses, business purposes houses and huge apartments have cracks in their walls and every returning quakes shake it and weakening more and more of its infra-structures. Electricity poles are down, tilted, i wonder people passing below titled big size electric transmitter who are unaware of dangers or not afraid of it.

Everything was stalemate that led to situation more worse. I couldn’t look at newspaper which covered pictures of disasters, victims. I know the geology, earthquake, and i am very much looking for data to see if i can predict with best of my knowledge because so far, it cannot be predicted as the stress, strain between underground rocks, and plate tectonics are high expensive and takes ‘trial and error’ to figure out a certain system. I like to use the trendline, and use of Japanese candlesticks to see if it can really work it out. I want the world to know the better use of scientific and technical knowledge for future prediction or with probabilities.

I fear of earthquake and so does everyone, when more powerful force dominant over you. You wish to imagine even more powerful force who you imagine might protect you (in case), maybe that is God (the positive energy). At the same time, my friend called on phone, a well-wisher, which made me feel that there are people who cares about your whereabouts. It gives you life, for a sec, i thought the world is over after this. I felt the world is over, and friends those who care about you and think about you, makes life beautiful and enliven your soul. People Earthquake has shaken my heart like millions. People say it should get over soon as possible.

What caused Earthquake?

It is not doubt that the beams released by CERN as an exhausted from experiment, caused this earthquake in Nepal.Following the violent earthquake in Nepal and neighbouring countries, a collection of money to help the victims was organized at CERN. A sum of 34 800 CHF was collected, and transferred to the NGO Live to Love.

Why in the god’s name do CERN’s staffs collect money to support Nepal’s earthquake victims, when there are other many problems similar or more in other countries?

Why did they have to initiate a meeting of CERN in Nepal? There’s a lot to re-think on it. Nepal has not done anything great in physics, why a meeting a choice place is that CERN knows they did caused earthquake through beam released. (Seen on March 22, 2016)

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