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Recent Earthquake in Nepal may be an underground geological subduction zone. I am “strongly”  convince that recent EQ is very unusual, dramatic recurrence that people have been experiencing here as i’m being environmentalist. I believe that someone (underground hidden world creatures, reptilian or aliens) may be bombing inside Nepal’s ground in order for them to build a city that no one has ever imagined. Looks like, their population is increasing exponentially as human and to accommodate.

Reptilians are cold-blooded animals, however, looks like these super-intelligent needs a warmth which they could get from Nepal’s subduction zone, living underground that also have less disturbances to them from outside world. When they need it, they go out to hugely populated cities like US, China, Russia etc. They have a purpose for surviving. Dinosaurs may have died 65 million years ago, but these creatures have found someway to evade those catastrophic disasters and their living age should be approx 1000 years at least, as for human we have 100 years max. about or so.

They must be building a city underground and our geology is very much perfect to them than any parts of the World. Their architectural, engineering capacity is beyond our comprehension. I seriously doubt that they will read my this article and i’m the first in writing from Nepal in these issues.

in this link below,,

“Teams of scientists at several institutions, including the German Aerospace Center, used data from the European Satellite Agency’s Sentinal-1 satellite to calculate how the ground shifted both horizontally and vertically during the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks,” the site reported. It’s not that surprising that because while construction of underground city beneath Nepal, alien’s technology could move tectonic plates as per their integrated plans and designs.

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