UFO SIGHTINGS Impression in Nepal   1 comment

What is there that Google Earth hiding about Nepal?


Red coded by me encircling all the “Triangular objects” observed are the very strongest signs of Illuminati’s presence impressions or signs of UFOs’s  visit impressions in Nepal thousands of years before. There has been several such civilization hovering in these areas. In the below, red coded, there is a sign of river channels flowing and Illuminati groups resided all over this valley and their residents have been mapped well. Looks like, they had mingled religiously themselves into the Buddhism as well, however, they have sighted separately as imagery. It is still a matter of deep research.

Nepali people have nothing to do with Triangular features (Triangular shaped alien spaceship, possible ?), and how come they appear for thousands of year before in rudimentary social conditions? Those days, human could just imprint in their living caves what they had observed a number of spaceships (UFOs) in that period which could have been astonishing, out of the World things hovering object (UFOs) in all over the river basin as depicted in below photo. It gives us a thought of mass visitors in Triangular spacecraft in this distant, mountainous cave, were to observe the human development, they had visited us. Nepali people those who used to live in caves, thousands of years back, must have sighted such an amazing unidentified flying above their sky that they wished to imprint in their caves wall for years to come, and today is the very perfect time to declare that the growth of human civilization has been constantly observed by UFOs in Nepal. This must be the First UFO Tourists.

Who else could have made it than Illuminati groups?
So, does it mean it existed in Nepal? The simple answer is Yes.


Impressive: This image shows eroded murals on the walls of the Ritseling Cave in Upper Mustang. The astonishing number of caves are thousands of years old.

UFO sightings


i want to travel in there. Help me with food and tell you what is there?


Google word

There’s a “Google” word written on bottom left side of Black patch. i figured it out using photoshop. (Email: arjunlimbu@outlook.com)
why google does it?
This word “Google” can be seen on top part of Black patch, which is as below.

Google word top

Curve-google ARJUN

Top curve-Arjun




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  1. Felt so good to see this post
    Yeah of course people on earth are cursed.
    Always wanted to have group up awakened people.
    Helping people on Earth shield negative emotions(Anger,fear,emotion) which all these Low vibration being feeds from us a/c to my perception and overwhelm them with strong divine positive vibration.


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