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Under New World order- here on Earth, very soon, the value for something, the money, will be one currency-one world system. So, how it affects on buy and sell things that has different foreign exchanges in different countries? The answer is with same currency, you are going to spend little money more or less to buy products in different countries.

  1. PRICE: For Eg. To buy 1Kg of Apple in US, If NEW CURRENCY YOU PAY IS  1.5  (Richer countries).1Kg of Apple in  75 cents ( Poorer countries)

2. This will be the First Foundation of the Illuminati group’s success. United Nations (UN) Formation after second world war has enough now, now the new term is the “NEW WORLD ORDER” and the 9/11 is just a cause to make things happen.So, this common currency system will be one small step of illuminati, a big leap of Illuminati.

3. Human being, always want the Peaceful process first, if they choose the Other side, it becomes more vicious than other species (if exists in universe). The WW1 and WW2 must not had been the initiation by human people.

4. For Elite/Illuminati groups whose sole purpose is to control world by money, will make their money transfer system easily as World currency is same, and Globalization will rule out all country based delineation near to end it that will help them to do their business with very ease. Current Global system with boundaries, country based currency systems has been making them very difficult now.

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