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European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), is here to find the “god’s particle”. Believe me human’s hunger for knowledge due to his/her frontal lobe brain is what driving everything. It means even if we find god, our insatiable quest for continuous reasoning on existence will carry on probably for infinitesimal time (if time is taken a linear from past to future). I’m certain and fully aware that even if human and god meet, they will have a wonderful conversation you may ever heard of, and i’m sure, our variable intelligent defying questions to so called god, will let him to re-think WTF u human are made up of? because we human can think, use logic, our sensual, crazy feelings will defeat god’s knowledge in the search & reasoning for existence of everything. Theoretical physicists and scientists are working on the “theory of everything”, in fact, this will be a mere answer to human’s quest. The greatest question we need to ask our religious text books or scientific minds is on what if there’s an “absolute nothing”, forget “dark matter”. It’s time to re-think on “absolute nothing” means no life, no planets, universe, i mean noble silence, the complete noble silence. ponder  about it. i’m in absolute nothing, the “super-space”, i think this is the most complex dimension, yet simple once comprehended, that has a life, may be a perfect world.

Aliens are not god, that’s for sure. God is something that drives you positively, so god is pervasive as a food for survival, gravity to walk on surface, air to breathe through, its actually an energy. God only works on to bring happiness in you even when you fail, others are just hungry for power and money.

don’t be fooled on “CERN project”. sometimes, you intuition has better understanding than science.

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Posted October 21, 2015 by arjunlimbu in fiction, science

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