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Is the life that we have been seeing with our naked eyes?  Our belief system compels us to trust on our majorly 5 senses where an eye’s visibility capability highly grant about existence of reality and its surroundings. However, I do not agree totally.

I believe truly that there are other forms of lives: similar/dissimilar to us even in “other phases”. Potentially, other phases are within our surrounding simultaneously living with us together in different electro-magnetic waves and other dimensions, apart from visible rays range, the Rainbow waves. The sun’s electromagnetic spectrum has a wide range with multitude ways of possibilities where life in any form may exist. Those forms of life, you can call paranormal or alien etc.

When a person pass away, we can only see his physical body. A soul finds different wave length to exist on. So, there are enormous chances that there are ways to connect and communicate with them in their wavelengths. Maybe a sorcery or shamanism practices are few paths.

So, the “Soul” exists? Whatever you name for it, yes it exists. To describe it better- A soul is a different form of life than human that adapts to different phases or wave-lengths. It can be confirmed by physical laws of nature, “ Law of conservation of Energy” that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can simply transfer from one form of energy to another.

Therefore, our visible eyes may eludes us, our currently unyielding scientific minds, technologies may figure it out of such phantom life forms those lives live beyond rainbow. We are not alone in this universe.

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