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It is about me, you and our living everyone on earth. Human beings those who breathes are not necessarily living, there may be dying ones even they breathe. Prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, truths etc. are blocked in this life that has obstructed them in achieving what they desire. So, what is it?arjun

Living life has two worlds: Inner (subconscious mind-hidden habits, character) and Outer (display to the real world). In between those world, there’s a thin, delicate film that separates them, called Curtain. Curtains are nothing but merely the sense organs, thoughts, body, postures. In these two worlds, there are living lives of the one life. Only sensitive persons or machine can see others’ true both worlds. So, it is when you stand in front of a mirror, the real and mirror images must be same.  Those Images are two types:

True Face Image Person: Both worlds means same. They reply to any questions swiftly because two answers are same, and no mental blocks because answer is common. They are very dedicated person, truth speakers, bold and strong voice. Before marriage, true persons should be in two marrying couples, which lead to happiness, success, achieve, popular. He/She is the happiest person because he has nothing to hide. This person can say ‘No’ means ‘No’ directly as he is very clear about it.

False Face Image Person: Two different worlds. They reply late because two answers are different and often confuse oneself which answer is right to tell. Brain gets busy in calculation of profit/loss which consumes time and it is often the cause of mental block creation. Hesitation is the mental block. They are shrewd, culprits. Their marriage often fails. There may be any immediate happiness, success, achieve, but doesn’t prolong, it fails ultimately. It is dying of living life. This person goes to his/her discipline of religious places like church, temples, organize tantra/mantra to reverse situation of present or impending ones. This person introspects often, because his inner world cannot be avoided from outer world. They are masqueraders.

So, is there no hope for False Face personality type? No, there is a tremendous hope. They should connect the inner world and outer world with a method of auto-suggestion, motivation, positive thinking, self-hypnosis, auto-commands, to gain confidence enough to depict the mirror and real image as same. So, do not lie to the world because you cannot lie to yourself even if you confuse others. Be true to yourself and the world.

Does it have anything to do with success? Yes, your both worlds should have same image of your goal. Use inner world methods as prior explained, for outer world, act or take skills through training, consultation that match or conjugates the two images of worlds. Then, you will achieve your unlimited endeavors by demolishing your mental block honesty and with holistic, positive psychological bravery to act, say for your desire.

Don’t Let Dying of Living Life !

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