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Poets, writers often truly relate our humane emotions (love, stress, happiness sadness, pain, tears etc.) with the heart directly. We make a heart shape with beautifully red colored paint. We also often listen to common expressions as,
don’t take deep in your heart?
Listen from your heart !
Heart breaks !

Scientifically, human is a bilateral organism physically, except that our heart is additionally located on left side of a body. Also, when we use left body part, the right brain activates to trigger it. Therefore, when this imaginary/visionary right brain’s vision, image, expectations fall down, our heart aches. So, it’s very true that there’s a direct and positive correlation between our heart and right brain.

It doesn’t mean that left brain has nothing to with right brain and heart. Left brain reads and calculates the information (amount of happiness, sadness) in comparative adjectives (large, larger, largest etc.) and when right brain receives that information, it reacts to it automatically by expressing in emotional form that is different from information. So, while expressing, right brain also distributes that emotional information to other parts of body eyes, skin, face and but heart is the center of all. This is a universal rule of human bodily nature.

For instance,

Scenario 1: while reading a newspaper, anonymous winning a million $$ lottery NEWS to you is nothing but just an information.
Scenario 2. But an announcement of winning a million $$ lottery to you is also nothing but just an information.

In scenario 1, your left brain does not calculate it, it just reads information. But in condition 2, now, your brain calculates. When left brain calculates, this information must be passed to right brain which excites it. When right brain is excited, then, it automatically transmits information in emotional form to all body parts by releasing neuro-chemical transmitters into bloodstream. When right brain activates, it expects something, so we imagine or create or dream of our need.

So, Information is non-active, when left brain reads only. If it calculates, then, it triggers the right brain in the emotion form as rapid reaction. Left Brain knows which information which information is necessary to pass to right brain. However, human can also use their emotional intelligence to trigger itself by exciting the left brain to calculation. It is the opposite of normal flow system of body system, but whoever can do it, can achieve the goal with Emotional Intelligence.


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