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Do you believe that all human being are being controlled through MEDIA?

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It is done in a hypnosis (people use video marketing techniques) or passing info in a funny or entertaining way. Controllers use sound, visual and education method where, visual is the most effective way because they know “seeing is believing”- a human psychology. With tech development, Smartphones, Internet and TVs have been the best approaches. In internet NetFlix, Youtube, Hollywood movies are used strongly and effectively.

The greatest conspiracy is the fact of existence of ALIEN species, actually it does. However,our leaders know that public are not ready to a real encounter or their massive interventions. Therefore, we are being controlled mentally to accept aliens slowly and deliberately through Hollywood, NEWS, Youtube. Hollywood made alien pictures, movies and we are slowly poisoned in mind to accept aliens. Their existence information is repeated changes our mind from NO to YES.

If controllers wanted, they could completely wipe out aliens’ news, theories, etc. from youtube, but they do not want to do because such flow of info to public is also the slow poison to accept aliens slowly. Also, the imprints, signs of mega structures of alien existence on moon, mars, the NASA always denies their existence, in fact, NASA could have responded like “Yes it may be a sign of alien existence and their possible activities and NASA wants to know”. Because they already know Aliens exists.

Our leaders know its not the perfect time to reveal the fact to public. Human are slaves unknowingly mind controlled through media use as an “Attraction”. They use time effectively. They slaved us in business, agro, technology, ETs. Be careful.

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