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I’m sure, u won’t believe on the current process for the One Govt. System in the World.

First of all, it is a new term to many, but especially after the First World War, the elite groups started to control rather than govern the world economically. They STAGED UNNECESSARY the World war-II and established the United Nations (UN). Columbus time was the age of exploration of world, Now its the age of Control without knowing tangibly because world is a village now. Each country is different villages on small earth. Earth will be like a small city as compared to other planetary system, which our leaders or elite groups know this fact. Let’s not go deep outside for now as it is beyond some people’s comprehension because we are not used to.

Vladislav Ociacia's "Robotic Man In Profile":

It is their 200-500 years plan, we may ignore or refute, but our grandchildren will learn to accept this trend. They use timeline effectively. Mr. George Bush, 43rd president, actually had lost his presidential electoral count against Al Gore Jr., Vice-President, but for the first time in the history of US Presidential election it was deliberately and purposefully recounted votes to make Bush win election over Al Gore. It is no doubt done by elite groups to achieve their economic war game plan they set. You know who elite is right?

So, after United Nations, it is fading out and the new world order system will come into place. So, what’s will be functional aspects in the New World Order (NWO)

  1. Currency will be one system, they are doing because it will be hassle free for elite groups to transfer money from any bank of country. These people think today’s system is the waste of their time in Currency exchange.So, they will be juicing /sucking more money quickly to make more people in poverty.
  2. Veto power will be given to each country based on their economic power. So, rich countries will have more power which for now we may use an analogy with the power over the currency exchange between two countries. So, that’s your power over your neighboring country in the NWO. So, poor people will have no power. It is practicing in the United States. Their first target is to engulf Canada and Mexico.
  3. Sophistical, Enslave people to their business unknowingly to their consciousness with motivation, salary, bonus instead of entrepreneurship. They like intrapreneurship in their business. They used high value in order as:
    a) Food and Housing (do u know food dumping in ocean?-Economic Attack)
    b) Power (Tangible Form) – indirect/virtual dictatorship
    c) Fame (actors)- Slaving method
    d) Gold -its value is mind-games with naive worldly people
    e) Money ( Don’t be surprised it is in last place)
  4. People and World will be Military controlled with A.I use to keep things in Order. Well, Order means covertly full control of global population, economy. So, they will categorize people as:
    a) Follower (Slaves – State leaders)
    b) Workers (Scientists, Teachers, Technicians)
    c) Revolting ( Renowned or portrayed as Terrorists)
  5. It is the capitalists’ absolute control plan with Democracy title rather than direct oppressive communism.Human needs middle path between Capitalist and Communism. Humanity should be in first place for peace & prosperity.
  6. Human are peaceful organism, others are not. Parallel government is actively running virtually.

John F. Kennedy, the former President of United States knew everything. Do we have hope?

Of course, their weakness is the Power of Public. So, People of world wake up and fight against it.

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