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If u’ve no problem, You have NO creativity. -Arjun Limbu (that’s me)

Everyone says, u need to be a CREATIVE person?
How many great mobile design ideas can you think  of 4,5 only?

With your limited mindset of ideas, the Samsung, Apple companies have no Job place. Creativity outputs an Innovation, Diversification & Association, and Act Differently in available or new idea, products or in concepts or ways of doing. For this, creative persons have unique thinking process, characteristics, habits.

Thinking process involves or seeks new, variation, seeing with different angles, new experiences, uncommon & crazy thoughts, thinking irrationally, imaginative, unimportant (for now), learn different things, observe multitude ways (Artistically-cartoonists, Design way, Color), comparison, do math operators [ Arithmetic (+,-,=,/); Logical (<>,!=, ==), Boolean (True, False). Because Creative people use those operators extensively to thinking process to fine tune collectively. Hollywood, Cartoonists’ imagination has always played a gigantic creation of what humans have achieved today and it will in future.

Many people avoid problems, but Creative People have a unique habits who always carry pen and notebook all the time because they know solution ideas come out of nowhere anytime. They always look for difficulties, problems to find simple, quick answers or process. They hate stereotypes, because of creative nature. Their interest are broadband interest. They are good dreamers, explorers, and minutely observers. Minutely Observing includes thinking potential solutions to a problem, by close observation and internalizing it. Internalization is very important, it is as if “A Vision that makes you wanna Jump Out of bed Early Morning each Day.” You do not necessarily have to be smart, sharp, but a minute observing habits is quintessential. They are soft spoken and humble, no matter what inside. Anger is another important behavior that is unhappy to current conditions, which therefore, research mentally for better alternatives, so it is quintessential nature for creativity.

Their circumference friends are surrounded with smart people who always talk about breaking current boundaries, challenges your ideas (but don’t look stupid-you maybe, but is a great exercise for your brain), and often enjoy a solitary state. They know in solitary, they know – thought processes are spaced wider between thoughts that produces new thoughts or solution. Literally, a degree of freedom of Thoughts and Speech should be allowed by embracing a solitary state, not necessarily doing a meditation. It is this reason, even a successful busy man somehow finds a solitary time for creativity, productivity. Therefore, Brain needs an idea as well as exercise (sharpens to make idea into reality, influence others, act successfully).

So, if you are jobless, it is a good time for creativity. Even a wrong doer like bank robbers use their creative ideas. You are also creative, you just need a LARGER “Challenge”. So, when there’s a challenge, always accept it. If you do any things creatively, enjoy and appreciate your mind and yourself, it releases good neuro-chemicals from brain in your body that further helps you, ultimately bearing a positive fruit in your life financially as well.


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