Fukushima Nuke-Rad Food   Leave a comment

If you are living on the Pacific Ocean, do not eat fish or any sea-food category.
Do not go to swim. I can only warn you.

Defn. Nuke-Rad Food: Nuclear Radiated Food

People knew Fukushima disaster, Japan, was time ticking, unfortunately it occurred on March 11, 20011, which they could have controlled it. Now, Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean ecosystem. Nuke-Rad is causing ecosystem collapse through food chain by bio-accumulation. I worried that there are people who will sale such sea-products to other nations that are far away.  Do not believe on media who says there’s no problem on eating fish. There are sick people on Earth who shows languid indifference to people with problems, in fact, their outlook is at profit-motive business perspective on every accidents.

Arjun-fukuSatellite View of Pacific Ocean Nuclear Radiation pollution. Where do you live?

In the Sun’s ER Spectrum (Electromagnetic Radiation), the nuclear radiation ranges in the ionizing type. Ionization energy effects in the loss of loosely bound electron of a matter that ultimately changes the nature of current state. So, Ionising radiation affects the DNA level in a species, that could changes living structure. Such ionized food if consumed by human through food-chain, it affects the top level of food chain like human ultimately through NUKE-RAD food.

Brain has 5 mind-waves frequencies (alpha, beta, gamma, theta and Delta), and Nuke-rad is also a wave, but with different frequencies. A frequency is an oscillation of a state of a matter. If you consume Nuke-rad food, it deposits in bones, muscles, fat cells of body mostly, which then, interfere with your mind waves. Such interference of two waves entails abnormalities resulting schizophrenics.

Hey citizen of Earth, be careful. Sometimes, Eating less habit also led to becoming more healthy (Properly- Eat when you are hungry, but drinking clean, safe water all the time).  Our mind is set to eat in a time frame. You can survive by not eating, but just by drinking water. Drink safe water. I’m erudite in environmental science and i can only warn you.

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