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Team is a group of members, made up of at least two people, whose spirit is bonded to complete a purpose to meet a common mission. Team is a power, and “Intimacy” is its source. Two people’s power is more powerful than one. Power is physical, psychological strength, confidence and productivity. All four legs of a table is equally important for stability. Each legs are a team members.

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. - Simon Sinek:

A clear Mission needs to be impregnated in each member of a team. If team doesn’t know what to achieve, then, success do not come easily. Each mission should benefit each team member at least financially as remuneration or bonus.

Communication between each member is very important in each task updates, progress of monitoring & evaluation. You ought to know what’s going on to each individual member’s mind. Any disturbed mind (personnel family or office problems) of your member can’t help you meet mission. Discuss problems separately, praise staffs in a mass. Communicating may not ensure to solve problem, but, it certainly lowers psychological trauma of a team member. Empathy is the heart of communication.

Task is subdivided into small sections of specific activities (major & minor) that progress can be monitored and tracked. Each small task makes clarity of work to be performed by each team member.

Time is limited. So, each task is adjusted to time. Activities is subdivided to complete by certain time-frame. It helps to focus.

Risk Management plan A,B,C,D, should be there.

Flow Chart helps the direction of work flow.

team work

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