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IQ is no more a measure of an intelligence, which is just retrieving and storing capacity in brain. it is rather a general knowledge. Later, the theory of multiple intelligence (MI) was developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. MI has widened IQ. i think, MI has definitely widened which is in fact true, as well. However, i seek an intelligent person should always be successful as well. MI has just opened that people has opened it as capacity, skills, erudite as functional part as talent. My hypothesis of MI is that an Intelligent person should have IQ+MI+SMARTNESS. if later doesn’t exist then, what’s the use of MI? Smartness makes people popular, renowned, financially strong.

If you are the greatest singer, and you do not know how to be a popular, then you have a capacity only, you didn’t have smartness in MI. if you are not successful in life as financial and popular.

SMARTness needs to solve problems, discover, invent a solution, obtain certain skills, that separates u from everyone, that gives you an identity. it divides into two parts of segregation: a) sense (common) – SMART people have more common sense rather than high IQ. Intelligent people because of their common sense, they easily identify non-sense people (foolish people) surrounding them, such intuitive nature helps them to become successful in a long run. it allows self-aware, alert, mindfulness, self-realization, who you are? common sense is an introspection or inner journey. they ask questions to themselves like: is it right thing to do? are there other ways?   b) non-sense : he/she needs to go to see psychologists or mind-bending training centre (debate, self-improvement books, humility experiences).

In my definition, an intelligent person always becomes a successful person because of smartness. So in smartness, they should have in general most characteristics in a combination of MI suggested by Howard Gardner.  Success is very important in intelligence.

-if u know, but do not act, that’s ur knowledge, not intelligent.
-if u know non-sense, act uprightly, that’s ur intelligence with knowledge.

The true definition of intelligence is the Agent Telling you from Inside of you, i.e. the Awareness. Howard Gardner’s MI are nothing but just the faculties of human direct interest, where the capabilities can be utilised in this physical world and development.


Lesson: From today, u’ll b working with common senses that makes you more smart and smart people are intelligent. if u ever find yourself, trust me, you are intelligent.



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