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what is the most important lesson to living workers in sky scrapper?
Every Aeroplane passenger needs a Parachute.
To be a ground level worker is the most hazardous job.

The ILO  [international labor organization] Occupational Health Services [OHS] Convention (No. 161) defines “occupational health services” as services entrusted with essentially preventive functions and responsible for advising the employer, the workers and their representatives in the undertaking on the requirements for establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment which will facilitate optimal physical and mental health in relation to work and the adaptation of work to the capabilities of workers in the light of their state of physical and mental health.

9/11 was expected by few people. About 5000 people died in that event. A few people actually fallen down intently with hope to survive by chance. Lower level working are always vulnerable to any hazards. At high level like world trade organization (wto) , even the high level officials are also under threat. so what’s the lesson to be learnt?

The lesson is nothing but to carry a parachute all the time if you work above 5 story building apart from torch light, food, for any emergency. nobody has ever thought of it. Under OHS, carrying a parachute in office should be made compulsory, if not, then, you should be aware 9/11 and buy it to carry all the time in office or going high skyscraper. Does it all end up here? No.

Because, now onwards, Every aeroplane passenger also needs a Parachute bag, it should be made a mandatory for every flight. It is a very serious issue about flight security. At least, one could imagine a Parachute in his/her back during flight periods. All passengers must wear this safety and learn how to open Parachute. In future, flying will be more often than calculated mode of transportation.

do you need to fly?
yes, you can join skydiving, but not necessary. but if you are afraid, then, go to instructor who can teach you step by step and how to self-handle if parachute fail, even if you do not actually fly. This knowledge will help u to actually jump of out window from skyscraper building. do mind programming.

              Do not forget to Carry a Parachute and Jump out of 9/ll ?

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