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If u go to vote and later if country didn’t change, then,
u have absolutely no right to shout.

This 2016 Oct, there’s an going on election in U.S.A. Actually, its a worldwide issue to choose each countries’ best candidate, also you are always curious about your neighbourhood countries election.

Digital or Computer election data can be manipulated, which is clear to public, especially in US election. if you check, your vote goes to your opposition party. It has ever been much easier for Elites (world or social controller) to easily choose the candidate they like. In the name of democracy, secretly they manipulate data in their favor. Also, Media changes our mind unknowingly, that makes us believe on what they say (mind control). Apart from it, there’s other serious thing, we need a new system in election as “No Vote” system.

Also the world needs more transparent voting system, if the world wants to go democratically, there’s no wrong. Wake up, world citizen. every individual matters.

This “NO VOTE” system should have a place in candidate election. If 25% citizens choose the no vote system and who do not vote in combination, then, election committee should go for new candidate selection from beginning with new leadership candidates who actually has a great driving force to his citizen to go and vote. Remember People Power.

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