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We want most capacities of children with general mode of teaching.
is there no other way?

Children have capacities or intelligence differently or may have multiple intelligence (having two or more talents), which each kid catches few subjects brightly, where they might find the meaning of life- a fine tuning (enhancement) or bolstering is necessary to activate the dominant state of intelligence. Since we do not know, which child is intelligent in which subjects, therefore, we’ve been giving a general mode of teaching. But, is it enough?

Teaching Intelligently (TI) is a transfer of knowledge, a form of communication that enables to use Both sides of Brain together to understand a subject. This is a central core theme of Teaching Intelligently or Learning Creatively. It is understood that Left Brain (logical Brain-logic, maths, analysis, true/false, language, profit/loss etc.) and Right Brain (Experiential Brain-Feeling, Emotion, Imagination etc.).

TI strongly focuses on Internalization Process (IP) – unless we really take it inside, we hardly understand a subject matter. So how a tutor may help any category of students in IP protocol. It may start from a building a Trust by a student in a physical appearance, smiling nature, constant messages (like you can do it, very good, you are doing better than yesterday). “Seeing is Believing“, so IP focus on actual Visualization-our teaching should be like watching a movie in students’ mind while teaching, which gets stored in their mind permanently. Image/ Pattern formation is very important.

IP Methods: exploits to use both sides of Brain
1. All Sensory Use: Information transmit through our 5 senses. Use as much possible ways. For ex. Trigonometry lesson of Sine, cosine: you can actually calculate angle, height, hypotenuse of sun.
2. Reflective Learning: Always spent each night in Recalling what we learnt so far. Relate teachings at Personal level. Reflect at much detail as possible. It is the most important of all. Appreciation while improving and giving feedback to students are most important. What is the new things you’ve learned today? What’s new skills have i learned today? What’s new things i’ve given to others? What have you missed today? What do you want to learn or do tomorrow? Write & Look at your notebooks, paper or Journal in bed just before you go to sleep. Writing also soothes your psychosomatic problems.You sleep, you will find all your answers in your dreams every night. If your dreams are not beautiful, keep practicing this reflective learning, it will help you.

3. Eye Shut Learning: Closing eyes concentrates more, when necessary do it. It improves imagination capacity.

4. 1 to 1 Learning: Individual student’s issues can be absolved. A Friend is also a good teacher. Support is to recognize people’s efforts through guidance to overcome challenges their weakness, fear of failing and ensure them they can do it.It is spiritual also, that develops a faith, conviction with respect between mentor and student.

5. Learning by Teaching: Let you higher level students to take classes to lower grades (elementary), this will open an opportunity to self-activate their Brain that helps in their own curriculum, focus her/his class, learn to Respect teachers. this is my favorite.

6. Competitive Learning: Prize awarding even to poor students by encouraging them to say something and give him a prize (pen, pencil, copy). So that next time, he/she doesn’t hesitate to talk or ask teachers because start talking is the beginning of learning.

7. Slow-Mo to Automation learning: It is a slow-motion learning: frame by frame. All children have their own speed. Teacher should know frame by frame teaching method (step by step). Automation is an erudite mind state, either due to repetition or understanding at unconscious level.

8. Speed Reading: Bill Gates has been known to state that if he had one superpower, it would be the ability to read faster. What Bill and the rest of the mega-successful understand is that knowledge is power. The ability to process information faster from books, articles, and reports is what will help us learn faster, and therefore improve each aspect of our life faster as well. Calligraphy practicing also helps clean handwriting & simultaneously helps to concentrate and Focus to study. Focus is other successful trait, so while teaching calligraphy, fine tuning, clarity, smoothness flow, are considered.

9.Learn with Fun: Where there’s no fun, there’s no life. So, connect lesson plan to any funny things. Linking System is often used in memory training. Teachers do not like students talking sideways, yawning, or looks dumbfound or not asking interesting questions.

10.Thinking Explosion: This is also my favorite and very useful to students as it intends to carry out any exercises that widens the limited thinking system. It should let them to think out of their box. Brain teasers, Emotional Intelligence, introduction to new things, writing Journal & blogs (www.wordpress.com), debate, group singing, public speaking (breaks hesitation boundaries). This let them understand that world is much wider than books, and feel their boundless potential. Dialogue opens what students’ are missing the point in learning. Dialogue also relieves social tension, lowers depression. Dialogue also makes second person that other friends are also not different to them.

11. Health & Meditation:  A simple, but a proper breathing exercise through nostril in observing an inhale and exhale air carefully will help in their education improvisation by concentration of now. The Power of Now is a reminder of concentration for any action. Scientifically, oxygen inhale in brain will improve brain health, and awareness of a present. Drinking Water regularly is also equally important. Meditation is also about “Know Thyself”.

12. Autosuggestion: Positive monologue with thyself, it manifests what you need, what is missing gap in you and external life (teachers’ teaching). We do not learn because we tell our brain that it is difficult. Instead, let’s give following autosuggestion training everyday to students to embrace it with heart. Repeat 3 times just in order to ingrain it in mind and heart.

13. Dialogue: It is a problem solver of a relationship by resolving a conflict or any potential impending issues. It should be between parents, school staffs and children, whether at home or at school, by realizing their own responsibilities. Here is no pointing towards individuals, rather at the level of an issue with honest, and politeness.

             Day 1: I’m at School now, i’ve so many good, friendly, talented friends with full of new ideas, Skills. Today, I’m ready to learn new things and make a note it. I’m determined to ask my friends for any help in learning new things. Determined to help friends who need my assistance in learning things i know. I want to say, ” thank you to my friends”.
Day 2: My open and friendly teachers are my life mentors. I’m ready to learn teachings. I know all subjects are equally important. Without hesitation, I will ask questions if i do not understand. They are helping me to understand subjects. I want to say, ” thank you to my Teachers”.

13. Fine-TuningTo be a successful, our brain must be trained to be sharpen, enhance our present conditions for brighter future by learning Art (Drawing, Music, Sculpture etc.). Learning to draw will help to learn music, also helps in concentration, acts also as a meditation and psychologically diminishes stress. When you are angry, play music or draw an art with colors, you’ll be relieved. It is bi-directional benefits. Human should always move from irregular, wiggly, asymmetrical, unaligned to perfect symmetry. A symmetry has such a grace, beauty, attraction that even a god appreciates it. A perfect in life is nothing but a symmetry. It balances mind and balance mind bears only good products in his/her or surroundings from happiness in life, affluent. Every children should be taught because our goal is one and united. Calligraphy helps to fine tune mind.
arjun-fine tuneFig. A Symmetric artist at center sharpening two kids’ on either side to train their brain toward a symmetry process. Re-shaping of mind towards Symmetry.

Techniques:7 Awesome Things An Infographic Can Do For Your Business:
1. Mind Mapping:
It is a diagram helps to visualize information in organized way. it helps students to record information with drawing and helps in quick recalling.

2. Pattern Teaching: It is to help students that each topic, subject flow or work in a certain system. So, we always want to acknowledge the pattern first.

3. Image Formation: If you only memorize, it doesn’t make sense. If you make an image in mind, it more than just storing information.

– Don’t feed, let them think & do. Make them like “what is such an interesting thing?” that teacher is talking about.
-Solving problems is not our motto; our motto is how we are solving?
-Back up Later runners (no one is left behind.
– Brain use is of importance and Experiment gives you an experience, so experiment above points.

The Types of Learners

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