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This Flexing, Stretching of the Joint is the most important to today’s modern civilization. You can do it at Home, Work Stations Anywhere, anytime. Your Stress, bad mood, wrong thinking will immediately relieve you.

“A third to half of doctor visits deal with musculoskeletal issues. They’re one of the most common health problems,” says Sharon Kolasinski, M.D., an associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Physical exercise is the performance of some activity in order to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health. It is often directed toward also honing athletic ability or skill.

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Now i’m 36 years old, I’ve never visited doctors. when i was a kid, i used to plug and play myself out in open spaces, won medals in school. when i was young, i went to physical exercises. one time i was depressed during graduation, i went to Yoga and did Joint Exercise that also changed my Life. In winter, i ride a bicycle to/from home/job to make bone exercise. I learnt secrets of Happiness and Productivity by Unlocking the Power in our Bone Joints section. So, learn to strengthen your Joints. i’m the promoter for JE.

Do joint exercise (JE) and Let me Know. It can be done easily in office desk, home, while driving, anywhere. It is all personal experiences, not adapted. Joints are the areas where two or more bones meet. Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move. Joints consist of the following: Cartilage. A type of tissue that covers the surface of a bone at a joint.

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First of all, Body parts stiffness is the beginning of locking body parts. It is natural that a first time born child has the most flexible body than any aged human. In later stages, it depends on how we use our body. In life, Human body is also made to articulate or move on bone joints for productivity. Certainly rigidity is bad for all. So how to unlock it?

While you do, let your mind be aware that your body’s each movement, this practice will also bind your mind and body. We do not wish to separate mind and body. Those separate thought processes unbalances people’s lifestyle, and delinquent normal activity that in long run into psychotic behavior, which this bind body work together is essential. When you are aware of mind and body together, you should feel immediately that you are living on present, right here, here and now. You order your brain to raise your left hand, think of fingers articulated to pick up tea cup, feel with your skin, hotness of tea, smell of coffee with nose, flexed arm while drinking. Be aware of what you order your brain, and notice your every physical body positions. Together of mind and body are most important. Self-Balancing in Yoga posture is a simple, effective method to amalgamate mind and body.

JE can be done in three positions: i) Sleeping ii) Standing iii)Sitting.
A good yoga teacher knows exactly how to do JE. Music is not necessary. Your mind needs to be fully aware and concentrated on every twists and turns of your body. Mind needs an attention on a little pain also while stretching body parts.Do Slowly, close your eyes (when possible), Breathing exercise breathe in (when your body do not contracts) and breathe out (when your body contracts).It stretches your muscle, cartilages, releases positive neuro-hormones needed by body because it unlocks everything. in an analogy, it is like squeezing the watery foam, water is a neuro-chemical to be released that is useful human.

Things to Remember.
-Human body is bilateral, so if you do left part, do right in same round and order.
– if you’ve any musculo-skeletal problems or pregnant, let you yoga teacher know prior.

-Push your Limit, a little bearable pain is alright and essential.

-After each session of JE, you must feel “Relaxation” and opened body joint experience.  Feeling of more alive, energy, proactive, aware of ‘now’, making good decision, higher productivity, brightness in your face, happiness.

-Keep drinking a glass of water every two hour, Eat only when you are hungry.

-Never use pillow to sleep, when u r depressed. if you are depressed, be upside down, ride a bicycle an hour long to hill top, drink 3 glass of bitter lemon water mixed with little salt, leave that place and go to new for few hours, do forceful nostril breathing.Image result for jointsImage result for jointsHow to Prevent Back Pain | POPSUGAR Fitness Australia10 Simple Morning Exercises to Make You Feel Great All Day3 Ways to Do Good Shoulder Exercises - Exercises - Eye care tips for Computer usersPhysical Exercise ~ Jan Times - जन टाइम्स

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