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The pilot and co-pilot of a Boeing 747-8 flying from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska, were passing near the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka when they observed a fiery reddish glow over the Pacific. With no other planes in the area at the time to confirm the sighting, they took pictures of and reported to Air Traffic Control, then completed the flight to Anchorage. So … what was it?

                                        PICTURE TAKEN BY PILOT IN OCEAN.

Observe at Google Earth, Most oceanic surfaces are all pasted by Google Earth with haze.A blanket of path file is drafted with elevation and blue color is purposely used to look like ocean to ordinary people.


Some people believe that red color of sun is absorbed by ocean.In dark night, where do an ocean gets light?
why do google earth has to paste ocean floor in a haze carpet written google, google everywhere?

It is because there are more cities in Ocean, than on planet earth. These advanced civilization living to protect themselves from any asteroid hit as water absorbs energy. We now human, our ancestors were in fact, left over to Earth’s surface by advanced societies with nothing due to selection. Our ancestors were of no or little use to these alien species, some of whom are similar or close to human beings.Since 1950s, we are advancing exponentially, on which aliens are responding to our growth and scientific advancement.


Look at above floor of ocean hills, mountains flat on top, hundreds of them are there.


Who created such a parallel pathways deep inside ocean?


Who made that perfect box?

alien base

They Photoshoped.

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