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In General, you can not stop ageing in this fleeting time. What if this morning, you come to know if this is your last day, what am i going to do? How much more money do i need to accumulate in this day before this day is attacked by darkness and this darkness will consume u completely and you die? How much anger should i arise in my mind and for how many number of people, and who are those people? Quickly try to find those people, make a bullet list of name, because time is fleeting. Or would you be seeking other things in life?

First understand biological communication system which naturally starts from our sensation 5 organs (eye, tongue, nose, skin, eyes), ignorance. Ignorance is defined as the wrong act done or harmful incident happened with unintended. Your ‘Act‘ is most important to you and reflect back as a mirror in your life, So, act for your own salvation. If you don’t act, time will drag you. Your current worst situation is nothing but just the effect of your bad past cause which you may have not recalled it. If you are the reason, then, why would someone would come to rescue you, because that ‘someone’ is also thinking busy in his troubled life. So, workout for your own salvation, No one will come to salvage you. Imagining someone will come to rescue you is a sign of mental weakness, concentrate a nostril breathing (incoming cold air, outgoing warm air) will help u clear mind.


Your Birth has taught you that not to reminiscence about your previous lives, because you owned many delusions, accumulated sins (improper use of your sense organs for your own benefit). Your Death will teach you that again not to remember about this life for another life, because you may go to depression knowing such accumulated sins. Therefore, your re-birth means “fresh” restart your life, so, don’t ponder upon either past or future, just keep working or act with compassion, forgiveness to all living things in this uncertain life so work out for your own salvation properly, you will be happy immediately. But, what is a source of happiness?

With your eyes, see things as it is. Do not see worldly material thinks to steal. Do not see with sensual pleasure. See with eyes, only the natural beauty and everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever. This earth is our rented house only. With your mouth, speak only welfare of all lives. Speak truth with the right speech. Your wise words of encouragement. don’t speak evil. Similarly, use all everything you own, wise it properly.

Once two person of same village were supposed to be blessed by god for next revival. 
First person demanded, “God, i just wish i keep receiving all the time”  &
Second person requested, “God, i just wish i keep giving all the time”. 
God said, “So, shall be it !. They died and revived in the same village together.
First person born as a Beggar, and Second person born as a Richest man.
God blessed the second person with so much of wealth, so that he could keep giving all the time.

LESSON IN LIFE: Just B Generous like the second person in Thought because mind is the generation of every cause and effect.

If you are going to die by this evening, the only happiness you gain is only by ‘sharing’, not by ‘gaining’. When you share, it is nature that you will gain something. Share happiness- gain happiness, reflection as mirror. Sharing happiness means to make other happy by raising happiness in second person by any means that makes him/her happy. Enjoy smile evoked from your act, observe what is the work that you would like to do that makes the next person happy? Some people might need scholarship, some people might need food, some children might need outdoor, some people might need money. By helping them to fulfilling their expedient needs (or whatever), and immediate delivered true ‘smile’ on their face or observe & listen carefully with tears full of eyes of true gratitude.

The Buddha, self-enlighten person, who did salvation from suffering, also couldn’t stay happy even after achieving enlightenment. His happiness was there when he showered the self-salvage path way to all suffering human being. He didn’t hide, he enjoyed for 7 weeks in himself in enlightened state. Later, when he saw such a many people suffering, he propagated to everyone. Even such an enlighten person was not happy, happiness is such a thing.

Once Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from Meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” “However”, Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost : Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old, Age and Death.”

This true smile, true gratitude they’ve expressed to you, these people’s true expression are for you, not even to the god. Imagine, how great are you?  Work out and experience it, feel their happiness, catch their gratitude vibes and waves of happiness for u, you will be automatically sense happiness. The third law of newton’s motion- Every action has equal and opposite reaction, the same happiness will reflect back to you what you give. This is a only the source of “true happiness“.


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