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R u     bored?                     U think u r not Smart, Smart or Over smart?
watching tv?     do u know Brain exercise?    Do u know 98 % brain is inactive?
Is there a solution 4 dementia? Yes.        Do different or new things everyday.

Baby, its time to change ur thinking pattern. Scientists work with 100+ independent researchers to investigate new areas in cognition and cognitive training. Your life condition is because of brain use power. U r far more capable than wat u think.

BRAIN-TRAIN: SPEED, MEMORY-RECALL, ATTENTION is the most important in life.

By touching just one glass, how can you make them all alternate between full and empty?

Fun 10. FUN 9. how-many-numbersFUN. 8 brain-train-arjun

FUN 7.14642484_1048856385241169_7223409654311306591_nFUN 6.ARJUN Brain train
FUN 5. can_you_find_the_mistake_logic_puzzles_1             FUN 4.bigest-number
FUN 3. number

FUN 2.
FUN 1.

ANSWERS: 0+4=4; 8-4=4,5+4=9

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